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February 9, 2009 text messaging 6

I gave in. I’ve said for years that phones are for talking for goodness sakes and that is what my teens have grudgingly only done on their cell phones for over 3 years. After being one of very few mean and money concious moms left on earth(I’ve heard) I gave in and signed our phone plan up for unlimited text messaging. My teens are now in heaven!!

Now there is protocol and much to be learned about texting. Sending out a word of thanks to Terra(yes we discussed name spelling) from AT&T who walked me, an old woman, through how to text and how my phone has this predictive word recognition. Who knew! Terra was the bomb, she called me back on my home phone so we could practice and I was so thrilled. I texted my sister and her one word reply to my news was “scary”.

My girls were in school, and naturally with their phones turned off I assumed I could text them so when they turned phones on at 3:15 they’d be greeted by my text and they’d sing my praises. Well almost except for right after sending Adrienne’s text I get one back from her…………while she is clearly in her last period class!!! The reply was..I can text?……well duh yes, but my reply was NOT NOW! Caitie called me after school, and said, I can text, I don’t get it…..and these are really bright girls, so then the light bulb goes off and she says, mom you did it, you signed us up for texting, we can text! Both very smart young women did have the sense to ask if was umlimited……….gosh I love them!

Kevin had a bit of a problem learning the way of texting, but he’s mostly on board now……..though he swears he won’t use it much.

Wanted to share one more funny line with you. Nick was with his best friend Rueben, and his mom, Sheila, also my friend, overheard Nick say, ” My mom has a myspace, a face book page, a blog, message boards and tons of friends…………I never knew she was so social and had so much to say!” How funny is that?

6 Responses to “Text you say”

  1. Elizabeth

    YAY for your girls!! They have to be loving it 🙂

    And come on… MY mom has a myspace and a hugely popular website with thousands of visitors each month LOL. What else are we supposed to do all day??

  2. Crazy Mom of Three

    Too funny! I have resisted the urge to go text on the cell phone. I am afraid I would never disconnect from technology. I am sure it will happen someday though. But, it would be kind of costly right now and I have no need for it.

  3. Steph

    That is so funny! I just signed up for unlimited texting and am new to it, but picking up speed. I have even mastered the T9 texting so that I don’t have to hit each key 2, 3, or 4 times to get my word. My kids are impressed how quickly I caught on. It’s scary how good THEY are at it.

    Us old folks just take a bit longer to get it, right?

    Have a great day!

  4. Lisa

    I have learned to appreciate texting. Even as I read this post, I was having a text conversation with the Dancer who was at school.

    Bad mom! Bad Dancer! (She had a doctor’s appt. that I totally forgot about!)

  5. Ali

    I love texting! Usually when I’m on the phone it’s because I just have to tell someone something–not have a conversation!

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