Back from the long weekend

February 17, 2009 home, teens 2

Hi happy few blogger buddies! I’m back, well I got back last night but I’m finally back and able to take a few minutes to write down some thoughts.
First of all, great weekend with Caitie and her soccer team. The team played up an age group and still came out the winner at the Gator Soccer Showcase! They only had 2 goals scored on them all weekend, great job by all the girls. Cait had lots of team bonding and fun, and eating out.
I was feeling awful when we left on Saturday with my cold, but many drugs and lots of sleep that evening and night and I was much better on Sunday and today I’m almost 100% back.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how our children are impacted by biased and petty adults. It’s driving my batty! My daughter’s HS softball team is a mess. The team is coached by a couple of young women( in their 20’s), they attended the HS, played softball, and have returned 10 or less years later to coach the team. They are all into the hometown feel etc. Adrienne plays travel ball out of Orlando, not here on the last year formed HS travel team. She has become an outsider this year, and her coach has now told her she doesn’t think she’s the best catcher and so in fact she is seeing no play time, beyond being the DH for the pitcher. It’s so shattering to A, because honestly she is the better catcher and she has to live with this, or quit, and she doesn’t really want to not play. As a disgruntled parent I really have no recourse, it’s up to the coach to make the choices, catcher B is a senior, all friendly with the coaches, and ofcourse plays for the local travel team. It doesn’t help that she is not a nice girl….ugh, and oddly enough she left her position last year to play 1st base and Adrienne caught the entire season. I guess my rant boils down to wishing adults in roles where our young people look up to them should be above the petty high school stuff we were all suppose to outgrow by 25……..ugh!

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  1. Steph

    Hope you felt better and better as the week went on. Here we are at the weekend again! What a week…

    Sorry to hear about those coaches. We have the same type thing here in the local high school. Most of the teachers/coaches have lived here their whole life, and are just re-living their high school years by coaching. And they haven’t grown up yet.

    Good that A has such a great mom to help her learn another one of life’s lessons. It’s not fair. Life’s hard. But what counts is that she knows she is playing her best and has a wonderful family that supports her.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

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