March 2, 2009 computers 3

“Men are from Mars.
Women are from Venus.
Computers are from Hades.”

On Saturday we dropped of the girls laptop to the Best Buy Geek Squad. Many of you may be savvy and all techy or have friends that fall into this category, we sadly are none of those things.

Who knows what happend to slow their laptop down and making it eat up programs and files, but it’s doing that. Could be a virus, could be hardware, or drivers who knows. The scary thing is that the problem could be one that I’d never detect or even begin to think of.

So I must have missed a call from them yesterday with some update, and now, trying to get in touch with them is a lesson in perseverance or patience, as I’m just hearing the line to geek squad ring and ring and ring………and no one answering the phone. You would think it would lead you to a message place to be called back, but it doesn’t……..ugh.

To be continued…………………
Noon Update

Bad Hard Drive, new hard drive $75, cost to install, $50. reinstall all operating systems……$130, but I paid that estimate for repairs up front………ugh!
I have to take the disks over to Best Buy, and it should be ready for pick up in a couple of days. Said lap top is 21 months old…….and out of warrently. Ugh.

3 Responses to “Geek….eeek!”

  1. Mnmom

    Oh I HATE when that happens!! Ours had a major slow down and the geeks couldn’t figure out why. Well if THEY can’t find the problem, we’re screwed.

  2. Lisa

    Yeesh. I hate dealing with that kind of thing. I guess it could have been much worse though, huh?

  3. Miss Healthypants

    Ugh is right. I hate computer problems. It’s kind-of funny, because it seems that technology doesn’t like me–I get computer problems that no one else seems to get. It’s a running joke in my office. 🙂

    By the way, I found you from Lisa’s (That’s Why) blog. 🙂

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