It’s a busy life

March 10, 2009 home 4

That is one way to describe what happens from 6apm to 11pm in my life.

I am so blessed, lucky, damn lucky, whatever you want to say that I have the opportunity to be where I am right now. I don’t have to work to keep our family afloat, I’d really like to be working PT in some way, but jobs are scarce in my town, and I’m not willing to sacrifice too much to make it happen. I’ve been the woman with a FT career I loved, and I never saw myself in this role, I even chuckled when I saw women out shopping mid-day, or lunching with friends, or playing with their kids and I worked away. I had my high powered meetings and lunches with bosses or potential supplies or business partners. I toiled dawn til dusk in a much different venue, and I really did enjoy working until I felt that the balance between work and home was all askew. I thank my husband daily for all that he gives us, and that he is never bitter or angry that I’ve been home over 8 years now, keeping our family running smooth……or bumpy, but moving along.

What roles do you have that you never imagined yourself in? When and how do you make changes, and are they scary? I know one blogging buddy is raising 2 small girls and she’s often said she misses her out of the house work and life, but at the same time, the joy she has in her two little ones is endless. I can honestly say for me, raising teens is harder than toddlers, I’ve found being home now more critical than when they were small, even though Nick was not even 3 when I stopped working, so I’ve sort of seen both sides.

My important meetings today need to be with the washing machine, the vacuum, and a dust cloth…LOL. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. Crazy Mom of Three

    I know what you mean about not ever imagining a life where the important meetings were domestic and even sanitation types of duties (I seriously feel like a janitor when I clean my own bathroom daily after the girls put it to good, solid, rugged use each day with their very primary potty skills … lol!)I loved my work outside the home for many years. I was just reflecting on this last night. For many years I actually had my dream job, but it did end. After that my role at work changed and it did get old towards the end when it was really time for me to move on to new career challenges. So that helps. I too feel blessed to be able to be home with my children, although it often feels like a mixed sort of blessing …. lol! I often just dream of what kind of life outside the home I will have again someday. It sure would be nice to have that extra money anyway. But I know what you mean. It honestly feels much easier for me to do such things as ramp up the coupon shopping than to take on a serious new part-time or full-time working venture. I do love that being home allows me time to learn new things of my own interest. I think I would really love some hours alone at home during the day like you get though. But I know these times will pass and I will miss my little ones dearly.

  2. Steph

    I am with you there—I’ve have played both roles. For 10 years I was a stay at home/homeschooling mom. Then my husband left, and I went to a working mom. It was a huge change for me, but I have learned to appreciate both types of life for what they are/were. And I learned alot about myself, as well. Good things. New beginnings.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective. And I’m glad you are enjoying your SAHM role. It’s a special time.

    Have a great day!

  3. Elizabeth

    So glad you are enjoying your full-time SAHM role! I loved it 🙂

    I never imagined myself working. I don’t have a hard job—I work with my special needs nephews at my mom’s house. But, I miss being home full-time. I cry when my boys beg me not to go. As easy as my job is, I cannot wait until we’re financially secure enough for me to stay home and take care of my family full-time again. But the economy isn’t allowing us that right now. My husband’s job experience was all in vacation real estate and who has the money to buy vacation properties anymore? When our children ask us what they should do with their lives, we’re going to tell them just economy-proof their career choice. The world will always need doctors, lawyers, teachers, pharmacists, vets, dentists, etc… no matter what the economy is doing.

  4. Msslaydbug

    I also left a full time, well paying, high maintenance job when my daughter was 2 ( she’s 4 now) because I realized I wanted to be there for her more growing up ! I love having my flexible days to spend with her and be there for my son when he gets home from school ! It’s not for everyone but I love it !

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