It’s Saturday

March 14, 2009 weekends 6

What’s your favorite Saturday memory from childhood?

I have several. When I was little it was Saturday morning cartoons, my dad up early working in the yard and gardens. We also did a lot of camping, so I remember that. As a teen it was sleeping til noon and then getting up and being with friends as much as I could.

Saturdays often involved a bigger late breakfast and a few chores(ugh then and now).

Enjoy the day, it’s sunny and going to be about 82 in my part of FL. I’m going to watch Caitie play soccer………GO Storm!

6 Responses to “It’s Saturday”

  1. Denise K.

    Have a beautiful Saturday and enjoy the game! I hate to admit it, but we get up so early during the week that my most favorite Saturday activity has become sleeping! hee hee Glad you are out and about having fun today! šŸ™‚

  2. Mnmom

    As a child it was Saturday cartoons and having my Dad home. He’d have some project going in the garage or workshop. Mom would make pot roast. And I’d gleefully ride my sting ray bike all over the neighborhood.

  3. Lisa

    Definitely the Saturday morning cartoons. And playing Barbies with my sister.

    I hope you had a great day! 82 sounds wonderful. We’re having a wicked cold snap.

  4. Elizabeth

    My favorite would be waking up with a friend over and watching cartoons while giggling about silly girl things. I used to have sleepovers (or sleep over somewhere else) almost EVERY Friday.

    And 82 sounds so great!

  5. Casey

    I have a few…

    *Sleeping in
    *Watching Saved By The Bell & California Dreams on TNBC
    *Going shopping with my family

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