Frazzled, a blogging give away, out and about and much more!

March 18, 2009 Uncategorized 7

Ok Ok, I know the title is too long!

I’m frazzled as of late, but oh so good in most ways!

First off, I’m so late in doing this but my dear blogging friend Denise is having a Cafe Au Lait give away! Register before tonight and also do a good deed or two and tell Denise about it! Her blog is lovely and positive and makes me smile daily.

I’ve been volunteering more! Feeling so productive! I was bummed my women’s group got canceled yesterday, but it appears we’re all busy…….I love each of these women, through prayer, friendship, bible study, philosophy and coffee tea and water they make me a better person!

Caitie, my broken hearted teen is doing much better. I am so proud of her……..what a young woman she is becoming. The picture up top is her yesterday, pretty green bow for St. Patrick’s Day……she was all dressed up……..such a cute girl. She is stronger having faced such a heart break and she is a little bit closer to me. I love her so. She also had a harrowing goalkeeping moment last Saturday……….she had a collision with another player and got kneed in the nose!! Blood everywhere! She is still swollen and a bit bruised, but she’s ok, and it’s not broken……..what my girls will do for love of their sport.

Happy Wednesday, don’t forget to check out Denise’s blog…………

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  1. Elizabeth

    She’s beautiful! I’m still so sorry for her heartache but I’m glad she’s healing so well. And that injury must have nearly given you a heart attack!

  2. Anita

    Oh Gosh yes it did! It was close to half time, I knew it was her nose because she had ice on it. They took her out of the game. I walked over and she was covered in blood on her face, and I helped her clean it up and gave her Advil and we found a better bag for ice. Our team has 2 nurses and a PT as parents, so they all looked at it and determined it wasn’t broken, but very bruised.
    Check out Denise’s blog, she is a really sweet person.

  3. Mnmom

    Poor beautiful baby! First a broken heart and now a nearly broken nose! Glad to hear her strength is shining through. My Twin #2 plays soccer like a demon, and I fear for her safety too.

  4. Denise K.

    Hi Anita!

    Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to read about Caitie getting injured last Saturday! What a scare, and I’m so relieved to know she is OK…poor thing!!! (SO glad that her broken heart is healing too…I’ve been remembering her in my prayers!) What a month for you all!

    You are too kind to post about me, and I SO appreciate your friendship Anita!!! I have enjoyed reading all your good deeds too! I have several that I will send you a personal e-mail about…you have done awesome!!!

    Off for now to pick up kiddo’s but I wanted to stop by and see how life was in your household! (LOVE the green bow for St. Patty’s Day too! So cute!)

    Sending lots of love from Colorado to Florida,
    Denise 🙂

  5. Casey

    WOW, Denise has a great blog, thank you for sharing!

    I am sorry to hear all of the trials your daughter is going through. I know it must be hard but God is doing it for a reason and I know she will be so much stronger in the end. She already seems like such an amazing young woman, I wish I was as strong as her when I was her age! I hope the rest of your week goes well. Take care!


    Hi Anita,

    Your daughter is so lucky to have a wonderful mother! Sounds like you have your hands full!

    Thank you for stopping by and entering my first Giveaway! Good Luck,


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