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Do you ever consider what is peaceful for you? It’s different for each of us.
I’m comforted by different things depending on my mood I guess one could say.
I’ve recently returned home from a busy morning of watching my daughter and her team win a fabulous soccer game, the weather was mostly sunny, but brisk and windy. I was warmed by some good coffee and the chatter of some fellow parents and thankfully today Kevin and Nick went with me. Following the cheering and learning no practice tomorrow…whoohooo, we left the park to browse some new stores and found a few deals for Nick and a new tablecloth and pot for my kitchen, it’s silly the things that make me smile.
Lunch was stopping at Uno’s for pizza and then heading home.
Peaceful right now is sitting reading blogs and email and facebook updates. Peaceful is knowing Kevin is napping, Nick is watching some cartoons, Caitie is working on homework and Adrienne is on the phone. No one is loud or bored or unhappy, we are all in our own pursuits after running around.
Peaceful most likely happens for me when I am reading. I love to read…….it’s a passion that takes me into other worlds and lives and I enjoy it so. I read fiction and memoirs. I do read the bible too, in fact I’m in a study group for it right now, but I admit when I read the bible I have more questions, and some comfort, but it’s a different kind of relaxation than a novel.
Currently I’m reading the new John Grisham novel “The Associate”, it’s good, more like some of his older works.
So enjoy your peace a bit when you can…………and share with me what brings you those moments.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Peace to me is when all 4 of us are in a room and the boys aren’t fighting. When they’re playing together or even just ignoring each other, I’m at peace.

    It’s also warm summer days when my skin is soaking up as much sunshine as it can while we hang out in the yard and BBQ, blow bubbles, or I read while they play on the swings. I am so looking forward to the sun again! The sunshine brings me peace even during the worst days.

  2. Denise K.

    It sounds like you had a great weekend, and I am so happy that you found peace in the wonderful ordinary moments of the day..that is the best place to find it! 🙂

    I love to lay down near a sunny window and take a nap…when the house is quiet, and it’s cold outside, there is nothing like a but of sunshine coming through to put me in sleepy mode! ha ha

    I also love the feeling of the bills being paid, the dishes done, the laundry folded, and everyone happily occupied…ah bliss! 🙂

    Happy Monday!

  3. Miss Healthypants

    The most peaceful I get is taking a long, hot bubble bath when it’s cold outside…then afterward, putting on my fluffy blue bathrobe and sitting in the recliner while my cat (who for some reason LOVES my blue robe) rubs all over me, purring.

    Ah…that’s the life. *smiles*

  4. Crazy Mom of Three

    Peaceful for me begins with a sense of security in my life. Without that sense, I am deeply unsettled inside, like a momma bear on alert to protect her cubs. When things are more settled, I feel at peace.

  5. sheila

    Peace, for me is early in the morning, enjoying a cup of coffee and checking my email before anyone else wakes up. Ahhhhh. I may have to get up at 6, but it’s well worth it to get that 20 minutes in.

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