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March 31, 2009 Uncategorized 8

I live in a small city, I always say this and I’m not sure what people think, it’s a city, yes, but not like one with all the things in a big city or even a suburb. The population is @ 43,000, and we are near the Kennedy Space Center, so many people are employed via the Space program etc. Yes we do worry a bit at the end of the shuttle program and what is next for us locally…but I digress.

Many things that I took for granted when suburban living are now harder to come by. Eating out is one of them. You’re good if you want to hit a fast food gastric nightmare, we have all of those, and in most cases 3 or 4 of them….yes, and our city does have 2 or 3 exits of of I-95, one is questionable as it’s really the small town north of us. That town has one red light and recently got a Walgreen’s…good golly!.
So our town has fast food, and a few local decent restaurants, and a BBQ Chain, family chain, a Cracker Barrel out by the highway etc…….but not much else…..if you want to really eat out……you’re going 30 miles north, south or west. I promise.
Shopping is even more limited. There are 2 half empty, 1960’s era malls….one has a JCP anchor, one has a Sears…..the interiors are appalling…..the decor hasn’t been updated much. 2 summers ago we got a brand new Target….with a Starbucks even inside……..amazing! We got a Marshall’s too. We have that other W store, but I don’t shop there.
Ok Ok, so we have two nice grocery stores and a couple others too…..but sometimes you need stuff for less $$. We have a membership to BJ’s which is like Costco, or a S club…but again, I can’t go there…lol.
The BJ’s is right near Kevin’s office, 30 miles southeast of here. They are good for some things, but unless you have storage room, and I don’t, it can be frustrating because you can’t store the large sizes. I sent Kevin there today for ground pepper, have you priced how much that stuff is lately, a normal size can at the grocery is over $5.00….wow. So it was much better at BJ’s and we won’t need more for 5 years…lol. I guess it could go bad. He goes there regularly for white grape juice, splenda, peanut butter, preserves, all priced better than the grocery. Isn’t he the bomb?
Do you have certain things you must buy elsewhere? Would your sig. other shop for you? I am proud to say my man will.
Living in a small city is not for the faint of heart.

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  1. Crazy Mom of Three

    Wow, I guess I take our access to many shops and things for granted here. Thirty miles to get somewhere would definitely cause me to think harder about what I wanted from a particular store for sure! Dh will pick up stuff on the way home from work if needed but mostly I do all of the shopping (my preference since I think I am better at saving money in the grocery and general type stores.) If it isn’t within 15 minutes from my house, I have to want something really bad to even consider driving out to get it. I can’t even think of the last time I cared about buying anything that much. If it can’t be bought within 15 minutes of my home, it is time for me to get online! (I am not a big shopper in any way, although if it didn’t cost so much, I would prefer to eat out to almost any other dining option.)

  2. Ali

    I live in a small town too (pop. 511) so I take a 15 minute drive to the big W in the next city over and do all my shopping there. Hubby has gone out and picked a few things up but I’m too picky (and controlling, lol) to let him do the grocery shopping for the week–not that he’d want to of course!

  3. MiMi

    My husband shops for me sometimes, too, and I must admit, he’s pretty good at it! (He does come back with a few more “treats” than I would buy, though!)

    I’m curious what Costco sells Splenda for because that stuff is like “gold” in the grocery stores! Is it significantly cheaper there?

  4. My name is PJ.

    GM, Anita! Ah, life in a small town – I know it well, right? We have a population of nearly 10,000 now, so we’ve grown some. Chef Stu does all the shopping, always has. When he used to travel for work, years ago, and I would have to get milk or eggs – he would always gasp because I chose the wrong stuff. (And I would always laugh, but that’s another story.) Tell Mimi that Costco does sell Splenda at a better price. I know this because that’s where the Chef buys his. Have a good day!

  5. sheila

    I have so many stores around me and lots to choose from. I would NEVER send Shane out to buy anything. Learned that lesson long ago.

    Either he comes back with something I didn’t ask for….or with what I asked for PLUS a large bag of things we don’t need. Like $7 worth of Beef Jerky.

  6. mommy4life

    I always say I’d love to live in a country setting, but I would definitely miss the access we currently have in the bustling city to everything! Within 5 minutes of home are at least 4 grocery stores, a bustling (and overpriced) mall, numerous fast food dives, and even a dozen nice restaurants….

    I am spoiled. Hubs is also great about asking if I need anything when he calls and tells me he is on the way home! It’s great to have such a thoughtful guy, isn’t it?

    BTW – I came by from SITS, Welcome!

  7. Elizabeth

    Your comment about that small town having a red light made me giggle. Our closest red light is in another town 3 towns over… about 15 minutes away. We have stop signs 😉 Well, a few… We have mostly yield signs LOL No Walgreens, but we have a little pharmacy/craft store that takes at least 45 minutes just to leave because the older ladies that work there can TALK lol.

    I have to go elsewhere to shop. If we need diapers, we go to Walmart about an hour away because it’s cheaper there. We also get our shampoo, conditioner, bathroom tissue, kleenex, and other household goods there once a month. Our closest department store is 25 minutes away and it’s Target, which I LOVE but their diapers cost 20% more. Their soaps and stuff too. So to Walmart we must go lol.

    Our closest grocery store that isn’t the over-priced, check your expiration dates, small town privately owned store is 10 minutes away and it’s a mini version of the one 25 minutes away. The mini version has great last minute shopping but if you want yogurt, they carry only one brand. Same with cheese and all of that stuff. It’s worth a 50 minute drive there and back to go to the bigger one that carries all the brands, not the just the most expensive one 🙂

    I LOVE living in a small town because my neighbors are fantastic and my kids are safe. Our town reports a 0% crime rate every year. The only “crime” is speeding and for a tiny town of less than 2,000 people, we have a terrific police force that keeps us safe… and I live a block away from them 🙂 But I do get annoyed having to drive for EVERYTHING. We have a local restaurant but they charge you an extra $2.50 just to add fries to your meal. It’s cheaper to go to the restaurants in that bigger town of 15,000 with the grocery store 🙂

    Thanks for the ideas. We do have a library but I rarely go to it now because their movie section is mostly VHS and their DVDs stopped being updated when Titanic came out lol. Netflix is definitely worth it but we might need to drop it down to 1 or 2 movies at a time instead of our 3.

  8. Miss Healthypants

    Living in downtown Chicago is a shopper’s dream–except for the fact that everything is so damn expensive! I was very excited when a Target opened up, just a quick 10-minute train ride from here. Whoo-hoo! *smiles* I guess you could say I’m a Target and Sears girl living in a Macy’s world. *grin*

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