Tired Teen Tantrum on Tuesday

April 7, 2009 Uncategorized 7

Oh my lord I hate sleepovers!!!!
I went to pick Caitie up, it wasn’t exactly the time she wanted, it was not close by and when I picked up Nick from school I was half way there. So she was picked up just after 3 instead of 4. Her other choice was to get a ride with a friend who lives close to here or wait for her dad to get her on his way home. This sleepover was with her travel soccer team.
I think she had fun, but who knows, the only answer I got on what did you do was”stuff”…ugh
She started to loosen up some on the way home, but when she realized she’s left her best swim suit and I was frustrated, it got worse. Sure I should have stopped nagging about it, and sure I could have dropped it, but she could have apologized and been a bit more penitent, I like groveling personally.
So I snatched her cell phone from her, and told her when she finished some project she could have it back……oddly enough this took less than 3 hours once we were home……..amazing how she’d been dragging her feet on this one.
She apologized, sort of, and asked for her phone back. She admits she was cranky……sheesh!
She’s outside now playing Frisbee with her brother.
I need one of those fantastic exotic beverages served to me by some cute cabana boy…….just one more day home…………and we are getting away!!
One problem, I’m bringing all the cranky kids with me…….perhaps a vacation will make them happy, we’ll see!

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  1. Shanda

    Just keep looking at your pictures!!! There is a cabana calling your name and it’s getting louder!

    It stinks sometimes that we have to be the “grown up” ones in teen relationships; but I guess that is life.

    Maybe you could pull up a chair at your cabana and you could invite your daughter over…

    Thank you for your comments on my blog yesterday – always a pleasure to meet another SITSta!

  2. Lisa

    Oh brother. I hear you. I hate the aftermath of sleepovers. And I continue to cave in to requests to attend them. However, I’ve all but banned being hosts. Let some other crazy parent host, if they want. I’m done with it.

    My kids come home cranky, exhausted and, often, end up sick in a day or two. Sleepovers are really a trend I’d like to see go away.

    Enjoy your vacation. I’m sure you’ll all have a chance to relax once you’re there!

  3. Crazy Mom of Three

    My two girls have been exactly like that lately themselves … I mean, they usually are daily (somewhat) due to their ages; however, it has been cranked up several notches here lately … I am sure the crankiness will change quite a bit once you are all on your trip … less demands for everyone and stuff.

  4. My name is PJ.

    It’s part of the hazing of parents, or else our karma – depending on who you listen to. I had one that was moody (I’m being diplomatic here) from age 14-17 and one who was moody from 17-20. I’m talking change of moods as quickly as Christmas lights blink off and on. I’m sure they will all be on their best behavior during vacation…right??!! Have a GREAT TIME!!!

  5. Denise K.

    Oh I feel your pain! The mood swings, attitude, etc…teenage angst is wearing on me already and mine is only 13! Hang in there…that cool cocktail is only hours away! 🙂

    BTW, I too DISLIKE sleepovers and just like your readers said, they come home cranky, tired, sleepless, and end up sick in a few days. I too wish this cultural habit would end! ha ha Now that you’ll be on vacation no one can ask the dreaded question, “Can I have a sleep over?” It’s a family sleep over this week!

    Enjoy your time away! 🙂

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