Home again tales from the road

April 13, 2009 vacation 11

We had a wonderful mini-vacation, I guess that’s a good term, we were only gone four days, but it felt like longer in a great way.

I don’t really enjoy my kids fussing in the backseat of the new ride, the van allowed them to spread out more, but honestly in 4 months the girls will be driving and our days of family driving vacations are numbered. They managed, but were quite vocal about any hint of discomfort..LOL.

The beaches in the Keys are not like those here in Central FL, it was weird. The water color is just unreal. I promise to include pictures tomorrow at the latest. We mostly hung at the pool and slathered on lots of high # sunscreen. I feel healthy in my careful tan……..and it looks ok too. We enjoyed eating dinner out and my kids tried new foods and didn’t fuss at all about that. I love looking in all those cheesy shell shops and t shirt shacks and the kids got a couple of touristy gifts.

Getting away from the routine and hurried life we lead was so good. I slept in, did no dishes or laundry, and enjoyed being with my family and relaxing. I almost finished a book I’m reading and I didn’t feel guilty doing any of this!

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  1. Mnmom

    Were we separated at birth?
    My kids whine in the car too. You’d think I was driving them to Siberia. And I also love beach shops – probably because things with palm trees and flip-flops on them aren’t regularly seen in Minnesota. Loons, bears, fish, moose, and pines yes.

  2. Denise

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time, disregarding the whining in the back of the car. LOL I’m completely envious and can’t wait to see your pics.

  3. Pam

    Visiting from SITS. Love your description of kids fighting in the back of the car, but knowing family vacations are coming to an enda as your kids grow up. I’m in that same boat. Glad you enjoyed your vacations, guilt free.

  4. Lisa

    I’m so glad you got a chance to get away and relax!

    I have an idea for the lot of us. Let’s lock our kids up somewhere for a few days (you know, some roughing it facility so they can see how good they actually have it) and the adults go for a nice retreat.

    Ah – it just felt good to imagine it.

  5. Alex the Girl

    I am still enjoying my suburban. Yes! Being in that baby is like being on vacation 24/7. The girls get in the back back and we have to shout to be heard!

  6. Tammy Howard

    “…quite vocal about any hint of discomfort.” – sorry about my kids stowing away on your vacation…

    Seriously, it sounds like a great trip. I sort of love cheesy tourist shops, too. 🙂 Looking forward to the pics!

    (stopping over from SITS)

  7. Denise K.

    What a great trip! Welcome home…now the hard part…getting caught up on laundry, groceries, etc…I always feel sad a few days after getting home from a great vacation…it can feel like such a let down, but I am just so pleased that you all had such a great time! Happy Day!!! 🙂

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