Friday Five and a surprise.

April 24, 2009 Uncategorized 11

Yay, it’s Friday! I’m doing something very exciting and a bit outside of my box today. Yesterday I received a phone call from another volunteer at the high school. The Junior class is going on a field trip and they are suddenly short on chaperons. Since I’m a volunteer who is background checked, she asked if I’d like to go…………I hesitated, hmmmm not sure. Carrie assured me she is going and that we will have fun, hmmmmmm. I asked..” do we have to ride the bus?”, the answer was yes, hmmmmm, I admit I screamed out SH__!!! I apologized for my reaction as Carrie was cracking up and then told me she had the same first reaction. I’ve since been assured busses do have A/C, I mean come on folks, I do live in Florida!

So I’m in…….I’m going on a bus tomorrow morning.

The fun part is our destination. We are going to a Performing Arts Center to see the musical 1776! I’ve not seen it and I’ve heard it’s great. Our district pays for each high school junior to attend a show each spring.

I’ll fill you in on how it goes…..but I’m hopeful!

Friday Five is for remembering what I’m thankful for:
1. Friends who drag me along for the ride.

2. My children who make me laugh and make me think and on occasion make me want to pull my hair out, but in the end…………I love them so.

3. My time to volunteer, and read and blog and find new blogs that amaze and enlighten me.

4. My sister, I need to blog about her, she is amazing!

5. My faith…… grows daily, through my search and my friends, that continue to bring me closer to God.

I have to tell you, blogging takes time, but I’m so inspired to cook better, and to decorate, oh my goodness, do you know how many creative people there are out there?? I also want to write well, express myself more clearly, and to share what is inside of my busy head.
Here’s to the weekend ladies(and gentleman if any of them find and read me)………..I think a glass of wine or drink is in order.

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  1. My name is PJ.

    Anita, I really enjoy reading the Friday Fives you list. Always gives me pause for thought. I hope you have a wonderful time on your 1778 adventure today…and I hope the kids go through a metal detector before they board the bus. (Sometimes I just can’t stop myself!) šŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Pam

    Getting to see a show you’ve never seen is SO worth a bus ride filled with HS students! I’d do it in a heartbeat! Have a great time and be sure to let us all now how you liked it!

  3. Denise K.

    Oh what fun! Good for you for saying, “Yes!” to this adventure! I know you’ll have a great time, and being with your daugher will be the icing on the cake! Have fun and tell us all about it when you get back!

    I’m really behind on my blogging so I have lots to catch up with on, “A Wife, a woman, a mom!” I just had to tell you that Tom also read, “The Middle Place” and loved it too! Thank you again so much!

    I have been enjoying your book lists through the neat site you sent me…I LOVE to read, but become so engrossed that I would rather read than cook, clean, or do anything else! hee hee So, now I have to find a balance between it all!

    Thanks again for your kind call the other day…you are the best!

    With love from Colorado,
    Denise šŸ™‚

  4. LaRae

    Thanks so much for the Friday Fives to warm up my Friday!

    I used to dread it before I would chaperone a group, but I actually found myself enjoying the opportunity to learn about my children’s peers. I hope the bus ride was COOL and that you enjoyed the show!

  5. Mnmom

    Have a great time. I’ve chaperoned many bus trips and I don’t regret any of them, except maybe that one on a hot Sept day with preteens who REALLY needed to start using deodorant.

    I have Book Club with my girl friends tonight – I’ll have a glass of wine in your honor.

  6. Alex the Girl

    OH, have a great time. As a teacher, I’ve been on too many buss trips to count. It will be fun, and you get to see a musical as well. Great Friday Faves List. Enjoy your Friday.

  7. Lisa

    I hope you had a good time today! What a great thing for each of those students!

    And as always, I love the Friday Five. There’s much to be grateful for.

  8. sheila

    i did the whole PTA president thing in elementary and middle school for two years. I was SPENT! lol. seriously spent. Now all mine are in HS and I don’t do a thing. Probably horrible, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Hope it’s a nice bus ride. Those things are so hot and bumpy.

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