Thoughts on a sunny day

May 9, 2009 Saturday 8

I didn’t sleep well last night. I went to bed early……..well early for me about 10pm, and I fell quickly to sleep, then semi woke after midnight to stumble out and ask Kevin where my mom was……….it was surreal, like I was all serious and then I was wondering why he was still awake. I woke at 1:30 am, thirsty, and turned the TV on, I’m sure my husband loves how I disregard his sleep. I woke at almost 6am, AWAKE….ugh. Bladder full I took care of that and turned on some TV news. Now I have a book I’m reading, why didn’t I pick that up? I hear sounds, go to the den to find Caitie asleep with VH1 a bit too loud……… I turn that off. I fell asleep, but not before watching the imploding of a former Orlando landmark hotel that has fallen into ruin and the scene of much crime. Nothing like a big hotel falling to piles of rock. The history of this hotel was interesting, we’ve only seen it empty and an eye sore. It was built in 1968 one year before the announcement of Disney World being built. It was reportedly filled with Disney execs and an aura of hush hush filled the air. Its was the first hotel in Orlando to serve liquor with meals on Sunday…….for goodness sakes people we are in the Bible Belt…LOL. Here is a link to the implosion.

Ok, so I got up before 8am finally and then Kevin offered to prepare me an omelet………yummm. I think this is because Sunday mornings we are rushing out to Mass, so he wanted to be good today……what a guy. Did I mention he sent me flowers yesterday for Mother’s Day? Yes he did.

So the day has begun, and Kevin and Adrienne are off to a softball team car wash. Caitie is still feeling lousy, running a fever and can barely swallow…….poor thing, strep throat sucks! Nick has a flag football game at 1pm……… I’ll be in the 90 degree heat watching that………um yay?

Enjoy your day, each day we have is a blessing and a gift…………open it up and enjoy!!!!

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  1. Denise K.

    I hope today you can take a nap and get caught up on some much needed sleep! Hang in there, and I hope everyone else stays well and that Caitie gets to feeling better VERY soon! Thinking of you and sending lots of love to you this Mother’s Day weekend!

  2. Terra

    sleep, don’t get me started I may never wake up again! We had an ok day – Hailey’s medicine has thrown her for a loop and she was in bed before 5 – we will pay for that…oh yes we will.

  3. Alex the Girl

    Insominia is a friend of mine. Comes to visit quite often. Flowers! I love getting flowers. My favorite are daisies. Love daisies. Next time we’re up at all kinds of odd times, we need to have coffee. I’ll even pretend to like it.

  4. My name is PJ.

    Welcome to the sleep of mid-life. It gets more eventful(?) as time passes…so much to look forward to!! Hey, you have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Mother’s Day and enjoy having the whole family young enough to be living at home! These moments are fleeting!! 🙂

  5. Pam

    Sorry I’m a day late getting to comment. Didn’t have any time yesterday for bloggy fun. Hope you slept better last night and that Caitie’s throat is better. I suffered from strep a lot as a kid and it is incredibly painful. How was Nick’s game. Did you melt? Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day. How sweet that Kevin sent you flowers.

  6. Jen

    Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!! I hope you’re having a wonderful Mother’s day!

    It’s hot here too!! Ugh!!!!

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