Moms and the royal treatment

May 10, 2009 Uncategorized 12

Moms are the focus of today. I’ve read and heard the Hallmark moments and I’ve read some wonderful tributes today on blogs. Many of us are blessed with wonderful mothers and mother in-laws. Now it’s my turn to say a few words about mine.
My mom is not as soft and cuddly as some mothers, but she has strength, stamina and compassion. Now this isn’t to say that she didn’t cuddle me plenty has a child, she did. As the baby, and I prefer youngest but they still call me the baby, of four I was perhaps coddled more by everyone, so my mom didn’t need to do it as much. My sisters took good care of me if mom wasn’t as forgiving, like when I was five and still occasionally wet my bed. They would change it and me before mom knew, though she told me years later they didn’t seem bright enough to actually run the washing machine…ha ha. My mom has always been one to push a bit, to want me to be all I could and to let me know when I’d not met her expectations. Like many a teen girl, we had years of head butting and mixed goals. Thankfully I outgrew much of my stubborn immature nature, and she stuck around to see me grow and bloom. She was overjoyed at each job promotion, and when I met my husband, she fell in love with him too. She was here when I gave birth to my girls, and she did everything she could to help me be a mom. I love my mom, we talk almost daily and she laughs when she hears me complain about my teens now. She enjoys hearing of each of my children’s accomplishments and triumphs.

I married a man whose mother was a strong and positive role model for all women in his life. Pauline stood all of 4’11.5″, and yet she raised 6 boys into men and she was always queen of the castle. She taught my husband how to treat a woman, with respect, care and love, and I thank her for that daily. We had a rocky start, I was never sure she thought I was good enough. She was supportive and kind as we struggled to conceive, and she was so thrilled when we were pregnant and she laughed so hard she cried when we told her it was twins! My father in law was ill at that time, and our frequent doctor visits seemed to make both my in laws happy our baby girls were growing so well inside. My FIL passed away 5 weeks before the girls were born, and Pauline often told me being able to focus on us and the girls helped her when she was so alone. That is when it all turned around for us, she was a part of everything we did. She gave us her time and energy and she spoiled my kids. She taught me favorite recipes and she taught me her patience. She was a much calmer mother than my own, and she had a deep faith. Pauline has been gone nearly 8 years, and I miss her all the time.

My other mom role model was my sister Ouida, 12 years my senior. She made me an Aunt at age 8, and at the time I thought she was so old and so uncool, I was so wrong. As an adult I came to know her so well, and she’s given me the most wonderful advise in raising all my children and she’s given me love.

I always wanted to be a mom, never a doubt about that. I was nearly 30 when I met Kevin, so I was less sure about marriage. I loved every step of motherhood,babies and nursing, toddlers and running wild, school age and teaching them, raising teens somewhat less at moments, but being able to talk to them and discuss more is so lovely.

To all the moms………you too teach me and help me in ways words can never express. Many of you give me cyber support and hugs and make me smile in realizing I’m never alone. I wish for you the very best.

My day has been peaceful and wonderful. After we returned from Mass, I’ve spent most of the day in my big comfy chair, watching movies, surfing the net, reading and being treated so well.

This the dessert that awaits me after dinner

These are the flowers that Kevin sent me…… lovely!
Nick wrote me an essay, and how well does this child know me. He was granted three wishes to make my life better. You’ll like the second one best:

You love to talk to your friends on Facebook.
You also love to blog about your favorite people.
Dad, Adrienne, Caitie, and the most important, me.
I’d give you a super computer and it will never freeze.

I love Nick so much!!

12 Responses to “Moms and the royal treatment”

  1. Elizabeth

    Awwww! You have had such wonderful role models in your life, such wonderful mother figures. And it looks as if you’re cherished just as much šŸ™‚ I hope you’ve had a terrific Mother’s Day!

  2. Terra

    oh my word, Nick made me cry. and I don’t mean just any cry, I mean tears down my cheeks cry. Maybe it was a combo of such a beautiful post and he topped it off…but I tell I am ready to adopt him. I didn’t get a son, I would not trade my daughters for anything but sometimes I wish.

  3. My name is PJ.

    That was a great look at your foundation for motherhood. Loved it! I really got a kick out of a woman shy of 5 feet tall rearing 6 men!

  4. Crazy Mom of Three

    Man, that cake looks fab! We had a cake too and it was very good. Love the stories about the female role models in your life. And Nick’s poem is just so special šŸ™‚

  5. Tammy Howard

    oooooh! A super-computer that would never freeze!

    My youngest gave me a coupon book with one coupon that said – I will bring my rat downstairs and let you pet him and a second that said I will take the rat back upstairs and put him in his cage when you’ve had enough. I think I like the second one better…but I understand the spirit in which the first was offered…

    Flowers are indeed lovely and I hope that cake tasted half as good as it looks!!!

    The women in your life sound great, but that is not surprising given how great you are your own darn self!!!

  6. sheila

    What a great post, and how nice for you to have all these strong women in your life!

    And that cake!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it real? How did it taste? Was it rich? Is there any left? lol.


  7. Pam

    You are so lucky to have so many loving and supportive women in your life. And Nick’s essay is just spot on. Our kids really do know us pretty well – don’t they. How was that cake? Looks yummy!

  8. Denise K.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed a wonderful Mother’s Day my friend!!! You deserve every happiness and I am so happy that your family celebrated you in such a special way!!! You are an awesome mother, and you always inspire me!!!

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