Friday Five

May 15, 2009 friday five 10

I love it when Friday comes and I do this weekly post!! Because I’m not techy enough to create a Meme button, I’m just going to go with finding different pictures of five. Thank you google pictures for this one.

It’s been a busy but good week, and as always I find I have much to be thankful for.

1.I am thankful for opportunities to give back and volunteer. I love when I am able to be at both of my childrens’ schools and help. I work at the Student Services desk in the high school, and I get to see a couple of other moms and I see the Deans and the Counselors and occassionaly the principal and some teachers. I get to see good students and students that are struggling, and my heart goes out to them. My girls drop by and give me hugs, along with many of their friends. At Nick’s school I help with the collection of weekly lunch money and order forms, and while sort of tedious it’s great company and gives me the opportunity to see the school in action, chat with other parents and fulfill my part to help the school.
2.I am thankful softball is back! You can just see Adrienne’s mood lifting and her excitement at being back with her team. I’m getting pumped up for the season!
3.I am thankful our vacation plans are coming together. Each time, and I mean every time, I talk to my dad, which is 3 or 4 days a week, he says to me”When are you coming to see me?”. My dad is 84 years old, and I love him more than I can ever say, I’ve seen him struggle so much in the last few years, and I’ve seen him remain strong. My parents live 1163 miles away(I checked google maps) and I try to see them twice a year. Their last visit to FL was in November 2007. They are able to fly, but it’s not easy, so they need us to make the trip to TX. I’m happy because it looks like I’ve found a week where my very busy hard working husband and my crazed softball playing daughter will be able to take the time off and go to TX. Ok, yes the trip involves all 5 of us in a car for 2 days for over 17 hours total, but we’ve done it before, we can do it again…….and it will be worth it!!
4.I am thankful for friends that show me hope after adversity. Late last year I “met” two bloggers Misti and Nicole. Misti told me about Nicole, well told everyone because she was looking for prayers and support for a friend. Nicole’s son Greyson was dieing from Krabbe disease. My heart ached for Nicole and her family. I began reading her blog and I was heartbroken for Nicole’s family when Greyson passed away in December, just before his first birthday. His parents, remarkable people, have worked tirelessly, through the tears and anguish of losing their son to change the way Newborn Testing is done in TX. You see with the right testing Grey’s disease could have been treated and he would be with us today. I was even able to email and call a few state reps in Texas and tell them to get busy, on behalf of this critical legislation. I am thrilled to tell you that yesterday the Texas Legislature passed into Law…….Greyson’s Law!! I cried when I read this from Nicole, she keeps me informed via her blog and FaceBook. Take the time to be thankful for your healthy babies and to be thankful for people like Nicole and Bill who have worked so hard to prevent other families in TX from this fate.

5. And last, but not least, I am thankful for having a daugher like Caitlyn (Caitie) that makes me so proud.

This is the only blurry, awful picture I have from last night. I’m sorry. She looked so pretty and so proud to accept this award.

The Coach Dick Willis Award for athletic leadership. It is given to one boy and one girl, a freshman or sophomore, that show academic and athletic leadership.

It was a night of all Senior awards, it was the night when the Seniors were recognized for Scholarships earned and accolades given…… was amazing to sit and listen as so many young people were praised for not only their academic achievements but their service to community and their endless energy. Toward the end our principal gave out the award Caitie and a young man named Michael won. He was very kind in his speech about these two sophomores and it made me so proud to be her mom!!!

So today, when I fuss at my three to pick up their rooms, and ask them if they really think we live in a pig sty…………..I’ll remember that my children also make me proud and happy and I’ll pause to recall that I’m just so thankful to have them.

What are you thankful for this week?

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  1. Casey

    Congratulations to your daughter! What a great honor and you, her, and your husband must be so proud! I feel your pain about the drive. We will be making the drive from Texas to Florida in June and then again in December! I enjoyed your list! Thank you for starting this and thank you for letting me participate!

  2. Denise K.

    So much to be thankful for!!! BIG congrats to Caitie on her special award…she looks like a celebrity!!!! 🙂

  3. My name is PJ.

    First of all, thanks for that upbeat post! It’s a nice way to start the weekend! I’m thankful for more than I could ever put in a comments section of a blog; however, one simple bright spot today was when Robby told us he would leave the kitchen wall up (the dishwasher working and the kitchen sink functioning) until Monday. 🙂

  4. Pam

    Wow! You have some MAJOR stuff to be thankful for this week. Congrats to Caitie and Greyson’s parents for their major accomplishments.

  5. Miss Healthypants

    Yay for Caitie! And yay for your upcoming vacation!

    I am grateful that the warmer weather is finally here, and that Iwanski and I spent a day mostly in nature today. 🙂

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