The wrap up

May 17, 2009 weekends 10

Today was our First Annual Church Picnic. In January a new priest, Father Chris, came to our parish, and to say the least our new Pastor is breathing new life and new tradition and fun into our church. I forgot my camera……I know, duh Anita! There was BBQ pork sandwiches and hot dogs and drinks provided, and everyone, and I mean everyone brought something to share. There were so many salads and sides to choose from the plates were loaded down with goodies. I made a Chinese slaw, it’s good with nappa cabbage and ramen noodles and almonds and yummmm. It was fun! Our Pastor even took a turn in the dunking booth, and yes Adrienne was able to hit the target and dunk him. There was water balloon games, and vollyball, sack races, tug of war, and most of all there was fellowship, people talking and sharing each other’s company……….great day!

But most of all this describes my feeling!!! I am so so tired!
Last night we went to a large Orlando mall and bought a few things for the kids, spring summer clothes. Caitie found a $12 sundress, it is so cute, she even wore it to Mass this morning. We had dinner out and got home after 9pm. This was after a busy day of yard work.

So tonight I’m trying to settle down, finish up two loads of laundry I did today, I’ve looked at my planner, another busy week……it never ends.

I hope your weekend was what you needed it to be, whether that was productive, restful, busy, or reflective…………….what was the best thing?

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  1. Terra

    That puppy sleeping is precious. It is amazing how quick time goes and how tired we get when we are busy. I can’t stand it. I am trying to figure out what happened to this school year…where did it go?

  2. Pam

    Sounds like your Church community is wonderful source of fellowship and friendship for you and your family.

    Best part of my weekend was having dinner at my Dad and Sandy’s tonight. Makes me thankful that I live in RI again. Living in AZ was lonely.

  3. Denise K.

    What a great weekend…you were busy, but it all sounds good! So glad the picnic was a big success too! The best part of this weekend for me was spray painting the old lawn furniture and making it new again! Nothing beats a can of black spray paint! hee hee πŸ™‚

  4. My name is PJ.

    The picnic sounds like such fun! The best things about the weekend were family, weather (rain – my favorite, really), and the last days of a functioning dishwasher and sink in the kitchen….

  5. wenderful

    The best part was the warm weather and sunshine. Finally!
    Sounds like your picnic was a great welcome to summer. I’m making a similar salad for dinner tonight. Yummy!

  6. wenderful

    I really need to clarify on my next post. My husband had porta potty duty this year. The father son camp out was our entire church group. About 25 father/son groups. With that many people it made sense to rent a porta potty. It was our assignment to transport it to the campsite. No, if it were just my guys, they would just use a tree. πŸ™‚

  7. Ali

    My weekend was busy visiting with family but the best part was making yummy Paula Deen sandwiches with my sis on Saturday, mmmmmm!

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