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A couple of weeks ago I was challenged to post more about me. I tried to start this last week when I talked about books, which was not a real surprise to anyone. PJ is a blogger that might be a bit older than me, and she is at a different place than I in life with marriage, kids, parents, but not all that much different. If you’ve never been to her blog, stop by, it’s lovely and insightful, though she will laugh that one off and say,” oh no not I”.
Terra helped make this button for me……and I think if I do it right, if you want the HTML code it will link you back to me…….soooooooooooo.
This is new, and I’m thinking I’m going to do this feature on a Monday or Tuesday, and if you want to join in we can do that.
Today feels like a really crazy day, like I was up and out to volunteer at Nick’s school, the end of the school year is near and I feel a bit crazed, and so I’m looking for something small……….hmmmmmm.

Sometimes, I buy little things just for me, just because. What kinds of things you ask……………

I try very hard to keep a control of money I spend. I don’t carry much cash, and I try to make a list for every shopping trip I make. I try not to impulse buy, but well, quite honestly that can be hard. A Grande white chocolate mocha with 2 splendas at Starbucks is $4.05 +tax. I totally feel like it’s indulgent to buy this, and yet I so enjoy it!! At my weekly to multi weekly trip to Target I feel the impulse, and I don’t always stop, but when I do I put the guilt aside and go for it. I had one last night, Caitie and I were driving home from a soccer meeting and we drove past a drive thru Starbucks and we felt compelled to just get something………I was nice enough to treat her too, btw!

I know that the bar soap I buy for my husband is good, he smells great. I know the more pedestrian shower gels I buy my daughters is fine they smell good too, but for me, well I’m worth a bit more……..right? Darn right. I don’t abuse the amount of shower gel used like the teens tend to do. I feel like if I want to splurge on Philosophy or Bath and Body Works or some other fragrance shower gel is my indulgence, I should go for it, and I do. It’s not a big thing, but a little thing I do for me. I enjoy my showers so much more. It’s not a fortune spent, but when I see a new fragrance or something, I pick it up…………for me.
That book and reading thing………….well it needs accessories right? I have fee book marks, kids made book marks, any old scrap of paper will do book marks, but I love a pretty beaded or jewels or decorated book mark. My latest acquisition looks similar to these with a curvy metal piece, some spring green and white beads and a daisy on the end………….so cute. I can’t stand folded down corners………….EVER ………on a book, what a cruel thing to do to a book, and a lovely bookmark just adds to my pleasure…………so I have a few. I look at new bookmarks at every bookstore and art fair I visit. Picking one up makes me anxious to display it in my current read.
So these are a few of the little things I like, things I do just for ME!
What do you do just for you?

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  1. Crazy Mom of Three

    Hmmm, lunches out with friends are my favorite thing I do for me. I try to go at least once per week somewhere and it feels like a deal financially since I am only buying food for me and not four other people. I often try to take a morning nap after ds gets off to school while the girls are still sleeping. I love when that works out. It feels totally indulgent as there are many things I “should” be doing during that time. But things get done later. When I can get a shower totally alone while the kids are awake, it feels luxurious to me. I hate to use time when they are asleep to take a shower because there are so many other things I want to do. So, typically, they play and frolic in the bathroom while I shower and scream and screech and do water play in the sink and make a terrible mess. I also be sure I always have things to read and I squeeze that in regularly when I can get moments (like if they are playing well outdoors or watching a television show.)

  2. Tammy Howard

    I’m a little hedonistic, I think! I guess the thing I REALLY do for ME is give myself time. It’s so easy to get caught up in having your whole schedule filled with other people’s needs, and I make time – at LEAST weekly – to just – do something for me. I have a weekly coffee date with a friend at Barnes and Noble, I have a monthly martini club, I have frequent GNO’s and I take the occasional (short) vacation sans the hubs and kids. I think doing this does not make me selfish, because I am just ready to be all-’round nicer after I’ve taken care of myself. And everyone benefits from that. πŸ™‚

  3. Terra

    After school lets out I will TOTALLY take part in your new meme! Things I do for ME would be a great adition to my blog! Plus I want to make some changes/adjustments to how and why and what I post over the summer so it will be fun to add it!

    That said – the Starbucks?? We have Panera Breads all over here (do you?)anyway their is one on the drive to Lauren’s school – I don’t stop – I am not a stopper…but what I see is the kids from the neighborhood that walk to the MIDDLE SCHOOL up the road – they stop EVERY MORNING! Can you imagine that cut in on the family budget? Espcially if mom and dad are stoppers too.

    AND holy, cow – Maybe I am old fashioned but I have no intention of letting my kids STOP till they are 18, out of my house and somewhat on their own.

  4. Pam

    I think I’m in the hedonistic camp with Tammy. I do LOTS of things for myself. Mostly when the kids are at school and Geoff is working. I get weekly (inexpensive) manicures and monthly pedicures, I take time to read every day, I get together with friends for lunch, or tea or to visit museums, I play Mah Jong and I’m in a book club. None of this takes up too much time or money, but it makes me a much happier person. Great idea for a weekly post, btw.

  5. My name is PJ.

    Hi Anita, Thanks so much for the mention!! What do I do for me? Hmmm… I blog; I organize closets, shelves and drawers for me (odd, but I REALLY enjoy it); I read; I collect things, animals and old people; and I dabble in new undertakings for which I have no skill or experience.

  6. Alex the Girl

    Blogging and reading blogs is the one thing I do for me. It’s my time.


    Eat chocolate.

    I’m on the fifty fifty on the hedonistic. I’m just not in the place where it is comfortable finacially or physically to have too much me time, but I do make it happen otherwise I’d turn into a snarling rhymes with witch.

  7. sheila

    Time. And OH, that little thing about FINALLY following my dream (the bath products). That’s good for me right now. I’m enjoying it.

  8. Anita

    Thanks all for stopping by……..I am hoping I can really carry this one off and make it worth reading weekly.
    I want to first say, I also do many of the things you all mention, I’m just trying to tackle one thing or so at a time, so as not to make this a one shot deal…LOL
    Susan–I love a lunch out with a friend, I don’t really do it weekly, like as a set thing. I also know that my time is much different than yours, as in that my kids are not home with me during the day, and I have much more free time.
    Tammy–I have similar get-aways with good friends, things I’ll get to blog about in weeks to come I hope.
    Terra–the stopping for coffee, well I love it…LOL. We have a bakery in town that I occasionally stop in for cranberry scone…….yummm, but I hesitate to make any of those things a routine, or my already expanded waistline will be larger. I see kids at our local coffee shops/bagel shops etc too, ie teens, and I think for many of them it’s a social thing as much as a caffeine or baked good fix. I’m sure my teens won’t be daily visitors this fall after they are driving themselves, but occasionaly is fine.
    Pam–I’m a bit hedonistic myself with my time, but I’m really trying to spread this out…LOL. The pedicure thing……….gotta have em!
    PJ- I need to organize closets more!
    Alex- me time spent reading is likely my all time favorite…….always! Blogging, as in reading and writing is a me time thing too…..my not spotless home is a testimony to that!
    Sheila–I’ve got to stop by your bath good site………..you know I’m going to want something!

  9. Bonnie

    I enjoyed this so much. I’m stopping by from Terra’s blog. This will be fun and you and your commenters gave me some new ideas for me time. I enjoying scrapbooking and blogging but I need to get out more. Meet friends for lunch or coffee!

  10. Elizabeth

    I’m still catching up with my friends after a week of busy, busy so I didn’t know you HAD a meme yet πŸ™‚ I will certainly be joining in. Can I vote for Mondays since I have 2 awesome thought provoking memes scheduled on Tuesdays already? hehehe. Awesome idea though πŸ™‚

  11. Miss Healthypants

    I buy my fancy olive oil and vinegar that I LOVE. πŸ™‚ That’s my one big indulgence. Other than that, I drink homemade coffee or the coffee from 7-Eleven, and I use Dove soap in the shower. I would sacrifice all fancy shower gels for my yummy expensive olive oil and vinegar. πŸ™‚

  12. MiMi

    What a fun idea! I will have to be giving some thought to what I do for ME! I think it’s very important that we have some “splurges” in our lives. They just give us a little lift, don’t they?

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