The class of 2011 moves up

May 28, 2009 school 14

Today is the last day of school for my girls. I can’t believe believe they have now completed 2 years of High School with 2 to go………YIKES.
I have these bittersweet moments, when I’m so teary about them growing up and not being my little girls. Then I embrace their independence and growing a bit more mature, and I’m off and running in a different direction.

I do believe it is our job as parents to raise our children to become strong and independent so that they may leave us and spread their wings. This comes with ups and downs and tears and yet, oh so much joy.

It has been a good year, with good grades, many awards and high praise. Both girls are a little bit wiser and are learning from those times when they stumbled. We will be in full blown summer mode tomorrow, no summer school, no virtual school, no CC dual enrollment and because of their age, no jobs……….just time to sleep in, get a tan, play some softball and soccer, text, talk, watch movies, typical teen stuff.

So here were my babies just 6 years ago, I wanted first day of school, but I’m too lazy to go dig one out and scan it, honestly.

Have a great summer Caitie and Adrienne………….so much new will be coming in 10 short weeks………….next year………more college decisions, can I take my vacation then?

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  1. tracy


    do believe it is our job as parents to raise our children to become strong and independent so that they may leave us and spread their wings.

    Thats a hard one! so true but hard


  2. Pam

    Oh to be in full on summer mode – sleeping in, no schedule, relaxation! What I wouldn’t do. My kids don’t get out of school until June 23.

    But, I understand your confused emotions. My older daughter will be a senior next year and my younger daughter will be starting HS. Where did the time go?

  3. Alex the Girl

    Isn’t that so true. Time flies once your babies get out of 8th grade. My big baby is going into her senior year, and my second one is going to be a sophmore. I can’t believe it.

    Too true, Anita. Too true.

  4. Mnmom

    Beautiful kids!
    I always say my job as a parent is to teach them to live without me. Basically we work ourselves out of a job.
    Every single year I marvel at the young women my twins and little one are becoming. And every year I also grow sad at how quickly the time has flown.

    Can your twins and I swap schedules this summer?????

  5. Crazy Mom of Three

    A handy age that works out to be for them … one last Summer of fun before the temptation of work takes over their Summers. I also cannot believe those were your girls six years ago … no way!! I cannot believe they could be two years done with high school either! You are good about looking at the big picture with their growing up.

  6. Anita

    Virtual school is what our district calls online classes. There are many to choose from, and students take them for various reasons.

  7. wenderful

    I’m a wee bit jealous. Already in summer mode? I think the last 2 weeks of school are pointless anyway what with all the videos they watch to fill the time. Maybe I should just sign them out now….
    I think a mug is perfectly cute especially a monogrammed one.

  8. Terra

    No No , I did NOT need proof that they don’t stay little forever. Thanks. Such a sweet picture though

  9. Denise K.

    Oh Happy First Day of Summer to the girls!!! How exciting for them both! Oh I love the photo of the kids when they were little…they are just as sweet as can be! 🙂

  10. My name is PJ.

    OMG, this is sooooooooooo cute! How can you even stand it??!! Class of 2011?! I was in the class of 1835…it seems like just yesterday….*cough! cough!*

  11. Bonnie

    What a cute picture! Such pretty girls. Sometimes it’s hard to teach them to be independent when really we want to hold them close and protect them from the world!

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