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June 3, 2009 Uncategorized 3

Wow that sure turned out to be a small photo!
We watched this movie as a family a couple of weeks ago. My girls were the ones who requested it and I like a romantic comedy so why not.
We use Netflix for our movie rentals, and we’ve been very please for many years now……but onto the review.

This is the story of best friends, who have always dreamed of their wedding days. As small girls they were planning and acting out their wedding days. As luck, or script would have it both women become engaged and are off to see THE wedding planner in NYC, played by Candace Bergan, and I’ve loved her since Murphy Brown! Weddings at The Plaza in June were their dreams, and of course the mix up occurs and the weddings are on the same day.

Some of the pranks they pull on each other are funny, some are just mean, but in all they learn who they are………..and is the case with most romantic comedies, the end is happy, but there is a twist.

We would rate it a 3.5/5, and I’d say it’s a fun movie for teens, women, families of you are diverse enough, and you and a friend if you are just in the mood for something silly.

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  1. Tammy Howard

    Get your hand on the first season of SNL and watch the episodes Candace Bergen hosted. There is a sketch with her and Gilda Radner that is so funny it’s almost unbearable!

    I think we’re going to see this movie while we’re traveling over the next couple weeks (one of the major upsides to traveling in an RV)

  2. Bonnie

    Thanks for the review. I’ve wondered about that one. It may be one I will watch by myself but it looks cute. We used to love watching Murphy Brown!

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