Twinsantiy with teens

June 4, 2009 teens 9

Ah yes, they look so sweet and lovely don’t they??

You’ve heard the line looks can be deceiving haven’t you? Well it applies in abundance to these two daughters of mine. Never doubt I love them………I do so much. I love them so much it hurts me when they hurt, it breaks my heart with they stumble or someone mistreats them.
Being a mother to a teen is a special time in a woman’s life, I now wonder how my mother survived it three times!! This might explain some of the idiosyncrasies my mom now possesses.

It is a daily roulette wheel of emotions and attitudes coming from these two! On the one hand I have Adrienne, since summer began she has spent almost every waking minute in her bedroom. It’s our fault for making it so comfortable, TV with cable, lap top, cell phone, comfy bed. What were we thinking? She emerges for food and bathroom duties. She does come out for softball or to tell me what plans she is making to do what you guess……..leave the house!! She is surly if asked to pick up this bedroom or bathroom and even more grumpy if asked to do a chore that would benefit me…………gasp!
On the other hand we have Caitie, well I think we have her, we’ve seen very little of her since Sunday afternoon. Her latest BFF has a driver’s license and a car………a magical combo. From what I’ve been told she also never eats at home, doesn’t have to tell her parents everywhere she goes and is much more trusted by her parents……..ummm ugh. This new friend is very nice, I like her, her dad is a Pastor at a non-denom church and while she is given some freedoms she’s not a wild child. Caitie has been to the beach, out to lunch, to a youth group meeting, to Olivia’s house, sleeping at Olivia’s, to the beach, to the movies, out for dessert, out to get ice cream, in general……she has been OUT!
Ok, ok, I know, do I possibly remember my own aversion to my parents and home as an almost 16 year old. I’m trying to be patient, and be nice. I think it would make me less frustrated if I’d get the occasional thanks for what ever it is we do provide for them, ie, food, shelter, $$ to go and do the above, clean clothes, clothes in general, and most importanty, cell phones and texting, hell I should get a big ol’ hug daily for that alone!!
I’m also trying to give Thing 1 and Thing 2 more opportunities to drive, but my lord they try my patience, yes mom I know I should turn my phone off, but it’ s muted, is that ok? Yes mom I know gas is expensive and I won’t be driving everywhere when I get my own license(in August…yikes). Yes mom, the StateFarm safe drivers program is lame, but I will do it because it will cut down our insurance cost……….all these “yes mom I knows” are said with sarcasm and attitude………would it kill either of them to fake it a bit better?
So…………9 weeks to go……………do you think I can make it!!?

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  1. Tammy Howard

    Oh, the moods alone, right?

    And it’s unfair that as soon as they get to an age where they’re REALLY fun to hang out with, they don’t want anything to do with us!!! (I’m told that changes in a few years… but waiting is HARD!!!)

    And the hugs. Yes. I’ve said more than once, “Y’know? sometimes it would be nice to get a hug even when I’m NOT actively in the process of saying yes.”

    Thing 1 and Thing 2. Hee!

  2. linda

    My daughter is 20 and I still get the “yes mom, I know” answers…drive me NUTS!

    Wishing you good luck over the next 9 weeks! I know, I’ve been there!

  3. Together We Save

    Wow – I could have written this. I don’t have twins but my 2 oldest are 16 (17 in august) and 15 (this past april). All they want to do is just what they want to do. I love them but teenagers are hard work.

  4. Mnmom

    Parallel lives!
    Get a word of thanks? You make me laugh. We’re still in the stage of “You’re ruining my life, now drive me to the mall”. And you and I get tag-teamed by these girls. At least my ten-year-old still likes me! Everyone tells me they are absolute angels in public, and that is where I hang my hat.

  5. Crazy Mom of Three

    No Anita! It can’t be! It sounds like the toddler stage all over again … LOL! Just kidding! But I already see a bit of that in my 11 year old too … yikes! He used to be mainly an agreeable little boy and now he acts like I am totally torturing him if I ask him to help me pick up a room for 5 minutes! Fun, fun …

  6. My name is PJ.

    It’s such a well-rounded experience, this parenting thing, isn’t it? Gracious, you’re making me look as though I was a friggin’ drill sergeant when my kids were teens!

  7. Pam

    I’m so glad ot know that I am not alone in this. My older daughter, Katie is 16, has her own car (thanks Grandpa!) and is NEVER home. We are constantly after her to tell us where she is going if she changes locations. It’s impossible. Then when she is home she hides out in her room. So even though I don’t have twins my Katie is a composite of Adrienne and Caitie. And I never hear thank you either. Sheesh!

  8. Miss Healthypants

    I loved that you called them “Thing One and Thing Two.” LOL! 🙂

    I think God gives us teenagers to teach us patience. Is it helping you learn patience at all, you think? *smiles*

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