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June 8, 2009 Uncategorized 9

I love candles. I love the look of a flickering flame, I love it day or night. I love the gentle aroma of a burning scented candle. I like candles that smell like sweet vanilla and makes my husband believe I might be making cookies. I like candles that smell soft and clean and take away any smells of cooking or lingering broccoli or bacon odors. I love the sexy look of candlelight in my bedroom.

I buy and burn candles in my home almost daily. I light them when I am alone, or when the family is home. I have basic inexpensive “Glade” candles, and expensive ones too. My favorite candles are from a company that does home shows, PartyLite. Their candles burn clean, and have a wonderful scent through and through. I once had annual parties to receive hostess specials, but my consultant quit working and I haven’t had one in two years. I really need some new pillars and tea lights and votives ……..well I could use candles. I love candle lamps and fun holders. I little cup is fine, but I love something special that lights up and shows off a candle glow.

This one is in my bathroom
This is in my den

Candles are my thing, a small to indulgent passion. I ask my family for their input on scents, but most of the time I buy what I like. I usually have several boxes of small candles and the kids like to pick what they burn in their bathroom or bedroom(the girls have a votive holder or two).

This is in my bedroom

For those wondering, yes I burned candles carefully when my kids were young. No one was ever burned or injured, and I have a theory that you should try your best to not give up things you love and just teach your children appropriate respect for things that are not theirs and are not to be touched.

Small jar candle on our table

Pillar candle on entry table, partylite holder

I’m going to light up a few candles I think ………..I had to light them up to take pictures earlier and now I need some happy scents to finish up this night.

9 Responses to “Things I do for Me Monday”

  1. My name is PJ.

    Happy Monday, Nita (that’s your new niokname) – I love candles too, but only burn them when I’m in the room they’re burning in. (I agree with you about not changing the things you love just because you have kids!) Having had 3 brothers, 1 father and 2 husbands…I can tell you that you left out another advantage to burning candles….Yup. The fart thing. Candles ABSORB the stink…they don’t just mask it. Very important!! 🙂

  2. Together We Save

    I love candles too. I like the glade too or yankee candle. I burn them often. It is funny too because several year ago a candle started a fire in my home. All I can say is beware of taper candles. They can fall over and lead to a huge mess.

  3. Terra

    I love candles too! They light up my owls above my desk and set a mood that can’t be beat! I enjoyed this post and looking around at all my candles! Iwish I would have joined today – but I had to do peter pan…and I love my girls but I do NOT do dance shows for me!

  4. Alex the Girl

    I love my stove. It has a warmer on the top of it that allows me to sit my candles on the top. It melts the wax and releases the scent w/o burning through the candle as fast as it would if lit. Of course, I also love a good candle lit bath, with bubbles, good wine, and an even better book.

  5. sheila

    I love them too! I have them everywhere, although I don’t light them often. And I keep buying them. I think I don’t want to actually light them to ‘save’ them and ‘savor’ them. I wonder if that’s some type of disorder. lol

  6. Bonnie

    I love candles too! sometimes I forget about them in the summer, I don’t know why. Partylite candles are great. I haven’t had one in years. I wonder if you can order them on line? You’ve inspired me to candles out again.. I’m sure with new dogs in the house it’s not smelling very “fresh”!
    I also noticed you had diffusers in oil. How do you like those? I’ve never tried them, but was thinking about it.

  7. Tooj

    I completely agree with you about not giving up things and teaching children respect and educational “handling” of all things HOUSE. 🙂 I’ve had two babies, and baby-proofed never. Not the cabinets, not the stairs, notta. They learn and communicate with you very early on, in my experience. Babies and children are much smarter than we give them credit for. And as for candles…heck yeah! I love candles, but lately I’ve been too lazy to go buy matches. I should put that on my planner ‘to do’ list for the weekend. I’m stopping by from SITS roll call. Happy Tuesday!

  8. Tammy Howard

    I love them, too, but we have a very exuberant golden retriever who doesn’t seem to know where her tail ends… My hubs frowns on it – so I usually only light them when he’s not home.

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