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June 9, 2009 movie reviews 13

I should warn or advise you, we use Netflix for movie rentals, and in the summer we make the best use of it. We have up to 3 movies at any time and I try to keep them moving and have new things coming in all the time. We rent all varieties of movies, and I look for PG or PG-13 for the family.
I did not read the book of the same title that this film is based on. I myself am a reader before a movie watcher, but I did it this time, and now I wonder if I should read the book……..perhaps you my blogging friends can give me your thoughts, if you read the book or not.

The overall theme of this movie and its premise is how the people of Germany live with the legacy that Nazism has left on their country. This is a very deep subject.

This movie is mainly about two people, Michael and Hannah. The film bounces around from more modern day to 1958 and in between. In 1958 Michael is a 15 year old boy in Germany. He becomes ill on the way home from school, we presume, and he meets Hannah who helps him clean up and sends him home. Michael is very ill, and spends several weeks and months recovering. He returns to Hannah’s home to thank her, and he is intrigued by her, she is not overly friendly, refers to him as “kid” and yet he sneaks a peek at her changing clothes and is aroused. At first he flees, only to return and begin an affair with Hannah. We don’t really learn her age, but I’d place her mid 30’s. As their sexual encounters continue there becomes a ritual of baths, sex, and reading, or more correctly Michael reading to Hannah. You learn much about this passion during the movie. Eight years after their affair Michael is in law school and a group he is in attends a trial of 6 women, former guards at a concentration camp outside of Auschwitz. Hannah is one of the accused. You learn along the way much about secrets, and how we protect them, and how they tear us apart.

When the movie comes to present day or a more mature Michael you see a man struggling with relationships, with an adult daughter. I don’t want to give anything away, but we do learn how his past had impacted his entire life.

In the beginning, I felt a bit confused, I didn’t understand the relationships, and then it all came full circle and it all made sense. It’s a movie that I enjoyed but at the same time I felt very sad at the end, not because of the poor script or acting(Ralph Fiennes and Kate Winslet), but because not all stories have a happy ending, and there is much in life that is tragic and sad.

I’m giving this movie a 4 rating, I really enjoyed it and I’d recommend it to everyone. It is rated R and has nudity and sexual and mature subject matter.

I rented this movie for pure fun, I knew the premise and that it looked sort of goofy, but sometimes you just need goofy. My kids like goofy.
This summary is from IMBD:
November, 2004, New Mexico. Bud is a slacker with one good thing in his life, his engaging fifth-grade daughter Molly. On election day, Bud is supposed to meet her at the polling place. When he doesn’t show, she sneaks a ballot and is about to vote when the power goes off. It turns out that New Mexico’s electoral votes will decide the contest, and there it’s tied with one vote needing recasting – Bud’s. The world’s media and both presidential candidates, including the current President, descend on Bud in anticipation of his re-vote in two weeks. Can the clueless Bud, even with the help of Molly and a local TV reporter, handle this responsibility? Written by {}

First impressions, Bud (Kevin Costner) is a real dummy. I realize he was written to be this clueless, thankfully his lack of intelligence makes for some funny humor.
Thankfully, about two thirds in, the movie takes a better turn, and Bud seems to realize that his vote is important, amid all the silliness of how much the two candidates are throwing at him in lures and bribes.

The end surprised me.
I’m giving 2.5 stars, for OK……….not awful. It is for older kids to teens and adults.

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13 Responses to “Movie Reviews”

  1. Alex the Girl

    Okay, I had to skim through your review of “The Reader” due to my wanting to watch it, and soon. Kate Winslet is one of my all time favorite actors, and I believe she took home an oscar for this one…so…no comments about that one for me! I haven’t seen the Kevin movie, but I need to get my viewing jeans on. Cay, who is my movie buddy, is over at her aunt’s this summer.

  2. Pam

    I read The Reader more than 10 years ago and remember thinking it was just OK. I also saw the movie when it was in the theaters. I liked it, but I thought it was also a little bit disturbing. The relationship between a teen and an adult bothered me. Imagine if the male had been an adult and the female a teen. How would be all feel about it then? Somehow there is a double standard there and it was something I struggled with.

  3. wenderful

    I’m checking in often for movie reviews! We do Netflix but have the hardest time getting those darn red envelopes out to the mailbox!

  4. Brittany

    I read “The Reader” YEARS ago.
    I was not crazy about it, and a bit disappointed when it ended with little climax (no pun intended!). I just could not get in to it. Which is unusual for me.

    Thanks for visiting my blog while I was sick. New recipes are coming soon! 🙂

  5. Lisa

    I don’t watch many movies, but I always enjoy these reviews because then when I do sit down to watch one, I feel like I have a better idea of what I might want to invest the 2 hours in. So thanks!

  6. My name is PJ.

    I liked The Reader too. It was very well told (in the book) and pretty well adapted. My sister and I have this theory about Kevin Costner – he can play one role convincingly…Kevin Costner. You know how some people become their characters? His characters become Kevin Costner. I’ve liked some of his movies anyway. Haven’t seen this one. I enjoy your reviews!

  7. Bonnie

    Thanks for the reviews!
    I haven’t read The Reader but maybe I will. It sounds intriging but a little heavy. I would have to be in the right mood I think.
    We don’t watch a lot of movies around here because the boys are stil 8 & 11. We did see Land of the Lost with Wil Ferrel. The boys loved it but it was pretty corny to me. I thought it could have been funnier for adults if they tried.

  8. sheila

    Interesting, thanks for the info! Also good to know about Netflix. I always wondered about that service. Sounds good!

  9. Angel

    I agree with you on Netflix, we get the 5 movies and keep it going constantly.

    I just stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog. Please com again.

  10. Terra

    I never watch a movie before reading the book and I hold the same rule for Lauren – SO I guess I need to get that book The Reader and get crackin eh!

  11. Ali

    I’ve heard good and bad things about The Reader but haven’t seen it myself. As for Swing Vote, I completetly forgot about that movie! We watched 1408 for about the 5th time last night and then Slumdog Millionaire over the weekend–very good!

  12. Anonymous

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