Don’t mind my mess

June 14, 2009 blog remodel 11

I’m re-doing my blog………..well I used freebie background and header, tweeked by Elizabeth.
She is going to help me with my siggy and my button. Any loving help is appreciated, because I do not know much about HTML or how to spiff up my blog.
I’d love to add more design elements on the sidebar, but I haven’t got a clue how to hunt for what I want…LOL.
So be patient with me as I re-model!

new header, isn’t Elizabeth great!! She is working on more still!

new siggy added and new blog button to match, if you have my old one, you choose if you want to update it or just keep the old one, makes no difference to me!

Thank you again to Elizabeth, I just love my beachy blog!

11 Responses to “Don’t mind my mess”

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m glad you like it! You always make me feel so good 🙂 I hope you’re not too tired in the morning after staying up so late with me!

  2. Denise K.

    Oh, I too love your new blog look Anita! It is so cool with the awesome colors and beachy elements! LOVE IT!!! Now you need to come over to see our beach themed guest room…it looks just like your blog! 🙂

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