Sentimental Sunday

June 14, 2009 Uncategorized 7

My friend Pam, over at Pam’s Perspective has this meme”Sentimental Sunday” and I thought today I would join in. She chooses a photo from her files and writes the back story on the photo.

In July of 2004 Kevin was invited to a Credit Union conference in Halifax Nova Scotia. I was thrilled when friends of ours offered to keep our 3 kids(then ages 6 and 11) for the week, and off we went!
What a beautiful place this was! The above picture was taken at Peggy’s Cove lighthouse, just outside of Halifax. You see those big rocks, it was all rocky like that around there and it was just gorgeous. The weather was cool… unusual for us Floridians in July. This was a day sight seeing trip included with the conference. We saw beautiful landscapes and learned much about the fishing villages that are a primary source of industry in Nova Scotia. Did you know Halifax was like the Ellis Island of Canada? I didn’t either, but we went to a historical museum that told all about it. Have I shared with you how much I love history? I really do!
This was just a magical trip, Kevin didn’t work too hard, we did lots of little sight seeing and walking and trying new foods…… was just such fun. We arrived early and had a day to explore a farmers market and we bought all kinds of local treats…….yummmm!
Visit Pam to see her photo story.

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  1. Elizabeth

    Sounds like a terrific trip. Is there anything more serene than a lighthouse?

    And pssst… the only one of those buttons I made was the email me button. The rest, I found on a really cute background site I just discovered:

    Same style as the one we use but some CUTE layouts!

  2. Pam

    I have never been to Nova Scotia, but I’ve always wanted to. Sounds like a perfect trip. I love sightseeing and history, too. Throw in a Farmer’s Market and it’s pretty much a little slice of heaven. Thanks for the shout out, too!

  3. Sandy

    Anita, nice photo…..Nova Scotia would be pretty different from Florida. Nova Scotia is a real diamond in the rough….beautiful scenery, good seafood. Makes for a great road trip if you ever have the chance.

  4. Mnmom

    One of my best childhood friends was from Nova Scotia. Her parents have since retired to PEI. That photo is lovely! I’m a big history nut too – give me a local museum and some blown up photos and I’m in heaven.

  5. Denise K.

    What a fun trip and an awesome journey down memory lane…Thanks for sharing your outing with us!!! I so wish I lived closer to you Anita…I know we would be fast friends…I miss you and I only met you one time…so wish we were neighbors!!!!!

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