Flashback Friday and Friday Five

June 19, 2009 Uncategorized 10

Welcome to Friday!!!
April, find her blog here, hosts a Flashback Friday picture meme. The other day she posted an adorable picture of her two boys, dressed almost matching and I commented I once dressed the girls similarly. She suggested I do a Friday Flashback with her…………so April these are for you. Go on over to see what her picture is today, and take a look at her cuties, and her Etsy store.

Caitie(L) Adrienne (R) age 9 months.
Adrienne (L) and Caitie(R) age 4
After a trip to TX and Papa went crazy in the Western Store

Because I think I missed it last week…………I just feel I need to do my Friday Five!! Time to remember all the things I’m thankful for.
1. Wonderful news……both Adrienne and Caitie passed the FCAT(FL standardized test), this one was crucial, if you don’t pass the 10th grade reading and math you then take remedial classes and have more opportunities to take the test, but it must be passed to graduate. Thank you so much NCLB and former Gov Jeb Bush………ugh. Thankfully we are now done with that!
2. Both girls had a great week of volunteering at local Vacation Bible Schools, and not the same one, which is even better for them to be apart.
3. Wednesday night Cait’s program did an evening special with food and bounce houses and games, and she took Nick with her……….very sweet of her.
4. Last summer, our box under our A/C handler started to deteriorate, and Kevin sort of rigged it up so it stopped leaning and leaking, but alas it started leaking again. Thankfully we called our A/C service Co and they came out and replaced it, sure it cost us money, but we had the money and now it’s great!
5. I finished a book this week………..look for a review tomorrow.

So excited, a weekend with no major commitments………..whooohoooo!

10 Responses to “Flashback Friday and Friday Five”

  1. Pam

    Love your flashback photos. So cute. Congrats to Adrienne and Caitie for passing the state test. And can’t wait to see what book you review.

  2. Alex the Girl

    And now you can just sit back and enjoy the weekend. Great trip to your past. How in the world did you tote those two babies around at the same time, and how did you keep complete strangers from squeezing their cheeks all of the time as well.

  3. Mnmom

    Wonderful post, all of it!! Your twins look a lot more alike than mine. People actually thought ours were a year apart. Congrats on passing that test – what a major pain in the a$$! We should make the Bush family take it.

  4. Cammie

    ohhhh, I love them!
    I always wanted twins….and now my BFF is having them sometime this summer and it is AWESOME because I get to “have” them but she has to raise them!

  5. Bonnie

    The pictures of your girls is just adorable! Love the Friday five. I wanted to do it this week but looks like I’m not going to get to it.. so much going on!

  6. Sandy

    Your girls are so cute and so pretty now….smart, too, apparently! Anita, please stop by and pick up the little gift I have for you….have a great weekend.

  7. Kristen

    So, the pictures are sooooooo cute!
    In the baby pictures, I don’t think they look anything alike, but in the old one, they definitely do!
    Hmmm, am I old enough to do a flashback that would be worth it? Not sure.

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