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June 21, 2009 Uncategorized 10

Denise over at There’s always room for one more was tagged in this game, and she tagged anyone willing to play…………sort of the way I like to play tag too. I’m playing because I didn’t have anything written for today, and then Pam at Pam’s Perspectives wrote a post on Guilt Free Blogging and it gave me pause……….and I wanted to finish this meme even more.

1. Where are you blogging right now? I’m at my desk in what could have been a breakfast nook, but we turned it into an office area for me.

2. How many unpublished posts do you have in your ‘draft’ box? 2-3

3. Whose blog inspired you to start your own? Beth at Walk a Mile was the first blog I read, she was a board poster with me since our youngest were in Kindergarten. Beth led me to some of my favorite blogs now, Koffords in CO, Small Town Blessings, Denise’s blog, and many others. I credit Denise with helping me to network via SITS.

4. When do you usually publish your posts? In the mornings. During the school year I would write, post, read after I had the kids at school. Now it’s more catch as catch can. If I write at night I like to have it post early morning, it works for me.

5. In your guesstimation, how many blogs do you read?Less than 20. I visit SITS daily and try to visit the featured blogger to say hi.

6. How long have you been blogging for? About a year.

7. Why did you start blogging? I felt like group message boards were falling apart, and they didn’t allow for me just to “write”. I wanted a place to do more than just share my daily routines. I wanted to write about my passions.

8. Why do you keep blogging? My blog grew into a place to share about my life, my love of books, my family, my friends, and so much more. As I read more blogs I found out more of what I wanted to share and read about too. There is humor and reality mixed into much of what I read, I’m not so humorous, but I do like to write about life, and the small things that may enhance it.

9. If you could only recommend one blog to a friend, which one would it be? Oh please, that is too hard, and it would depend on what that friend needs. I can tell them where to go for book sharing, faith support, a good laugh, and even good food and decorating, and honestly, some blogs offer all that and more.

10. If the internet was “turned off” for one month, what you you do with all the time you used to spend blogging?
First off, I’m sad to say my husband and kids would be happy, because my online life has cut into my free time. I don’t enjoy TV as much as my husband does, so I do one of two things, read or use the internet for email, facebook, or blogging. With no internet I would probably read more, maybe clean my house better, it’s not really dirty, I’m kind of a freak…LOL. I might get out more, not that I stay at home that much. I might use the phone more.

So now YOU are invited to use this tag too. And let me know in the comments that you did so I’ll be sure to come and read your list.

Please Note: My links are no longer coming up in a different color, I’m trying to fix it, but please know there are links for all the blogs mentioned if you would like to take your precious blogging time and take a look…….
Happy Sunday World…………….may God’s blessings be plentiful!

10 Responses to “The Bloggity Blog Blog Tag”

  1. Tammy Howard

    I definitely wouldn’t use the phone more. I hate the phone. I’d probably write longhand – or maybe in word. I never don’t have a notebook handy.

    And you’re right – how could you possibly answer #9? No blog (book, song ANYthing) can be all things for all people. You make recommendations based on what you know of that friend and their needs/tastes.

    Have a super Sunday!

  2. Pam

    I love a good book or blog meme. I’m with you and Tammy on #9 – I’d recommend a different blog to different people. I think I would be relieved if the internet was turned off for a month. Then I could walk away from it and not feel like I was missing anything. I could just pick up right where I left off. I just might have to do this meme late this week, if I need a post. Or I’ll save it and have it post while I’m on vacation.

  3. kel

    I think I’m gonna steal this! (stuffing it under my shirt… and running away, laughing eviling..)

  4. Beth

    Thanks for the mention… My blog has changed as I have changed..some days I am at a loss for words…some days I say too much..some days I have to delete what I say… I love the concept of blogging… It is a good release… it helps to put life into perspective… I hope that my words can help someone else…okay now I gotta go write about my Mission Trip…it is gonna be a long one! Maybe….

  5. Alex the Girl

    Most of my internet time is in the morning with short bursts of curiousity thrown in throughout the day, so I’d be chomping at the bit if I lost my internet for a month.

    As for number nine (heh, I have the Beatles song stuck in my head now), I’d say the same. Just thinking about the blogs I follow that we have in common…i.e. Tammy’s, Yours, Pam’s…I enjoy reading each of them regularly, but each in itself is different from the other.

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