A time for each of us

June 25, 2009 Uncategorized 12

I’m working hard to find a balance between all of being home in the summer, all of us running around in the summer and not much solitude for me.
Yesterday was a good balance.
I planned a trip to the local bowling ally(entertainment center one of the owners tells me, she is is so funny).
On Wednesday they have practically free Kids Extreme bowling. They herd you in, have you stand in line for a spot, which wasn’t as awful as it sounds. While waiting your younger kids will beg for money for arcade games, but not mine, as I set those rules in place long ago, you want to play, you pay. Nick brought his wallet and played a couple of games. We waited about 30 minutes and were then moving up in the line to where I paid $3 each for shoe rental, and they assigned us a lane, since I had 3 children, they put 3 more with us, but oddly enough it was a boy and 2 friends that Nick knew…I knew the mom too, but not very well. For 1.5 hours they bowled in the semi darkness with black lights glowing and music with videos on large screens. It was mostly elementary and awkward middle school kids, but the girls admitted they had fun, and would go again…….YAY.
We ran errands, which was not awful, and now that the girls are driving most of the time getting in all that time they need before getting their full DL in August they fuss less.
I was able to cook an early dinner.
In the evening Caitie was out to a youth group meeting at church, mind you it’s never out church, but a non-denom where her new BFF’s dad is the Pastor. Nick and Kevin went to see Transformers, and I’ll see if I can get the boys to give me a review I can post. Adrienne and I were off once again to O-town for softball practice, but I decided I wasn’t sweating in the heat again and I too my own time to go to a Barnes and Noble for some book browsing…….and coffee, two of my favorite pastimes.
I read first chapters of two prospective reads. Let me know what you think. I didn’t buy either, I have plenty to read, but I want to keep a full list of books to be read!
1. Commencement by J. Courtney Sullivan
2. Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

Did anyone read Julie and Julia? The movie trailors look funny.

This was the best 2 hours I spent this week…….I felt semi selfish, but it was a great time, I browsed so many books, bargain books, marked down books, new books, new in paperback, non-fiction…………so much. In my deepest fantasy, I own a big bookstore/coffee shop, full of new and used books and patrons who just love to stop by and read and browse and chat….imagine the life!

Fine a piece of time for yourself……..it’s revitalizing!

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  1. Texas Mom

    My absolute favorite past time is going to a large bookstore such as Borders or Barnes and Noble and just wander around, browsing books. This summer I have read like a crazy woman. I love it! You have to read a book called Sarah’s Key. I don’t have the name of the author with me, but it is a GREAT read. It is neat to see we have so much in common!

  2. Crazy Mom of Three

    I am cherishing any time I get alone this Summer myself. I think sometimes being selfish is good for the whole family and is really should be labeled something much more positive. I can’t figure out which one of my books to read next. I too adore visiting the book store and missed going there this week …

  3. Mnmom

    Now YOU are writing My blogs!!! Such parallel lives – we MUST meet in person someday.

    I was just musing on my way into work this morning, that I have precious little “me” time, and even less “us” time for hubby. Summer is almost busier than the school year with driver’s ed, soccer, musicals, swimming lessons, etc. Any down time involves laundry and cleaning our insanely cluttered and dirty house.

    Perhaps I should just schedule it and get over it.

  4. Tammy Howard

    50% off tables this week!!! I have a running Monday morning coffee date with a friend at B&N. Do love the 50% off tables. That’s where I get all my journals and stationary. Not too many great books end up there, but every now and then…

  5. Alex the Girl

    I don’t even have to buy any books and I still have a good time in a book store. I wonder why that is. Must be the smells…the aimless wonderings and wanderings and what ifs. I love, love, LOVE book stores. Glad you took the time for yourself. You deserve it for sure.

  6. Sandy

    Sounds like you had a GREAT day! Love bookstores almost as much as libraries…..and gotta love the coffee shops in them. Take time for yourself!

  7. Pam

    I love book browsing. It’s something I don’t do too much anymore since I started working in a library. Every once in awhile though I will go to a different library and just be a patron. Lost in a world of books. What’s better than that? *Ok, dark chocolate rates up there too*

  8. Beth

    I think both books sound wonderful.. Brooklyn first caught my eye for obvious reasons…Lindsay…lol…

    I try to grasp some alone time daily…Lydia has gotten better at letting me just be… I always feel selfish…but so refreshed!

  9. Christy Lee

    I’m grateful to have the summer with my new baby Jeremiah…I have to go back to school in the fall but every moment I spend with him is a blessing to my heart! Take care.

  10. My name is PJ.

    If I owned a bookstore with a coffee shop and a ladies room, the world would never see me outside of it! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I’m happy about that. Don’t you love the way aisles of books smell…the paper, the covers, the ink…..?

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