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June 30, 2009 Uncategorized 10

I had this on my bedroom wall

This “album”(remember those) came out when I was in college

I changed my tunes a bit, to honor Michael Jackson, the one I grew up with and loved. The one I had posters of on my walls, the music I sang with my hair brush and hoping that some boy would like me. Most of you get this right?
Four songs…………..I won’t keep them up their long, early Jackson Five stuff and when Michael headed out on his own…………
I don’t want to hear more about it on TV, it’s taken up enough “news” but I just want to remember him the way I loved him in the 70’s and early 80’s.
Ooops, my age is showing…………….enjoy.

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  1. Tammy Howard

    Oh, I loved Off The Wall. (High School for me – Thriller was college)
    I’ve been humming ‘Ben’ all week…

    My youngest, upon watching all of the coverage this week, said, “why did he want to change what he looked like? He was so cute and round!” I think she was referring to his hair, but in light of anorexia rumors, she may have been referring to a roundness of his face.

    His death is sad – the last couple decades of his life were sadder. I hope he finds the peace in death that always seemed to elude him in life.

  2. Sandy

    I liked MJ in his Thriller period as most everyone did, but mostly his was just background music for me. Funny thing is that I remember EXACTLY where I was when I saw the Thriller video for the first time. It wasn’t a really memorable location but I remember being totally mesmerized by the film. And I admit I thought he was okay to look at then but then he got so strange…..I just ignored him. No doubt he was a tremendous talent

  3. Casey

    Your age isn’t showing. That is how I remember him and always will. Some of his songs I didn’t like but the ones I did like I loved.

  4. Miss Healthypants

    My sister Sheri (who’s two years older than me) LOVED Michael Jackson in the 80’s. She had his albums, posters, and even a pink Michael Jackson t-shirt. When I found out he died, I called her right away. She was digging through a box looking for the pink t-shirt. 🙂

  5. Pam

    It’s easy to love and admire the Michael Jackson through the 80s. He was without a doubt a very talented man. His bizarre behavior and changes in appearance over the last 2 decades are what turned him into a strange and ghoulish figure. It’s sad really. He seemed like such a tortured soul.

  6. Nicole

    I would sneak into my big brother’s room when he wasn’t home to play “Off The Wall”. I was in 3rd grade.

    I also remember singing to “Billie Jean” in my turquoise parachute pants. 🙂

  7. Alex the Girl

    I think that it is an amazing tribute to him that people can remember who he was and not what he had become. He was truly a talented artist, and has contributed quite a lot to the music community. This is a fitting tribute to the Micheal we grew up with.

  8. My name is PJ.

    HI Anita, Be proud of your age! You lived it and earned it! Wear it like the badge of honor it is. I wanted to marry Michael Jackson when “ABC” came out. Remember Tiger Beat magazine. Yessiree! That was like the Holy Grail for me when I was about 12 or 13. I can’t understand how people who feel uncomfortable (or worse) with his behavior later in life can’t respect how he revolutionized the music and video industries. Who are we to judge?

  9. Ali

    I think I was just getting interested in music during the Thriller days but what I really like was his Bad album, er, cassette:)

  10. Bonnie

    The innocence of his voice back then makes me want to cry. There was something very special about him. I too have a lot of memories connected to his songs. Mostly Middle and high school I guess.
    Thank you for adding this music on your blog. I’m enjoying it!

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