Summer rituals

June 30, 2009 Uncategorized 11

I love the rituals and normal-ness of life. I enjoy the routine and predictable. I know some find this boring, but it has comfort and safety written all over it to me.

On Sunday I feel like we participated in a routine that is as natural and comforting as my summer routines as a child. We sent Caitie off to camp.

When I was a child I too went to camp, one or two weeks of Girl Scout summer camp. Camp Cedarledge, just 45 minutes outside of St. Louis, where I grew up. It felt like a million miles away. I still have fond memories of camp friends and campfires and sleep outs under the stars, of the horses, which I found out I was really not into, after my parents spend the extra money on that for 2 weeks. I remember my camp “nickname”, Snoopy, for the Peanuts character, or for my general nosey persona, hard to tell. I still have all the letters my mom sent me while I was at camp.

Caitie is away for just a week at a Christian retreat and camp in TN. It’s name is Eagle Rock, and if you go to the link, it’s just beautiful. She will be doing so many fun things, canoing, swimming, rock climbing, ropes, tubing and some faith introspecion and sharing I’m sure too. She left on a bus Sunday night with about 50 other teens from two churches here in town, most of them are students at her high school, and she knew a ton of people going. She was so excited. She was texting me as they left…….no more letters at camp, but then again it’s just 6 days and she’s not 10. She texted me just before 8 this morning to say they had stopped at Mc Donalds and she was fine. She didn’t get any sleep because she couldn’t get comfy. They were close to camp. Once her adrenaline kicked in I’m sure she was going all day, one thing is for sure, she wil sleep good tonight!

I loved putting her on that bus and kissing her good-bye, knowing she would be safe and happy and exploring new things on her own. She’s creating summer memories that will carry her for years to come, just as I was allowed to create those same memories, memories that I cherish today.

I don’t want you to think we are mean to Adrienne, she is going away next week to a college softball camp, and then a college showcase tournament, life is sometimes about making choices, and this was hers.

I hope I’m giving my children the kind of childhood I had, one that I look back on now and hold dear, and think how lucky I really was!

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  1. Pam

    Sounds like your girls have some fun adventures planned for this summer. Texting is a great way to keep in touch. Much quicker than the PO.

  2. Cammie

    I always wanted to go to a camp when I was little. I totally knew my identical twin that was taken from me at birth would be there…..ala ParentTrap

  3. Tammy Howard

    I loved camp, too, but my girls have both only tried it once and they both REALLY hated it… they don’t even want to broach the subject. I think they’re really missing out.

  4. Together We Save

    I always loved camp too. My youngest leaves Monday for 4-H camp. She is so excited. She went last year and I know she will have a great time. I would love for mine to go to a church camp too.

  5. Sandy

    I did sleep away GS camp for two weeks at age 8 and I hated the first week and loved the second week. And, like you, I thought I was a million miles from home! How terrific that you can hear from her via texting…comforting for both of you, I’m sure.

  6. Denise K.

    Oh good for her…I can’t wait to hear how she enjoys her camp experience! It sounds terrific and a wonderful way to make some special connections with the other teens! Keep us posted! 🙂

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