Teen love…….

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Get comfortable, this might get long.

In March, you might recall that Caitie broke up with her boyfriend Shayn, you can go here to relive the drama. She was sad for quite a while, but she just moved on and has been checking out boys, as girls her age will do, but no one special.
Before she left for camp she told me that a boy in her youth group had told her he really liked her, she was shocked. She knows him from school, he is a year behind her and she had a class with him. Nice boy, great family, but from what limited dealings I’d had with him, very immature. Caitie kept saying she was not interested, she was just being nice to him. I supported her, tell him you are just friends, blah blah, blah.
Oddly every time I talked to her from camp, which was only twice, she said, oh XX says hi, seemed kind of odd, but ok. Friday night they left camp for the long bus ride home , TN to FL, and Caitie texted me. She was happy, had a great week at camp, anxious to come home…….you get the picture. Then she told me that she is kinda dating XX………….hmmmm, the same boy that 6 days before had been just a friend…………gosh I was laughing inside. She asked if I was ok with it, I told her she was a big girl and I know she makes good choices, trying to encourage her independence and I really do want her to do that on her own. We text a bit more, XX stayed in TN for another week with family, and she won’t see him for a week etc. We text a few more times before 11pm, I go to sleep, tell her call the house before they are back in town, giving her dad a chance to get up and dress before they are in the HS parking lot. She says she will and I say goodnight.
Fast forward 7:45am, phone rings. Hi mom, we are about 30 minutes from home. Yeah, great, my girl is almost home! She then says, I broke up with XX………..wow, that was a quick romance…lol, then she says, I’m dating Shayn again. Ok, now get this picture, she is on a bus, not even in the same state as either of these boys, and she has broken up with one and started back with another in a matter of hours. I asked how it happened, she said that Shayn tried to text her while she was away, but in the mountains, no cell, but someone from camp told him she was now “dating” XX, (they didn’t even kiss she said, so not too much romance there)(it was a church camp…lol) So by Friday night she was texting and talking to the former love, Shayn, who wants her back.

In all honesty, I knew in her heart she wanted him back. We will see how it goes, they are young. I’m more than staying out of this, I’m supportive and letting her go with him if I can. (he drives and has his own car) I hope she’s learned some things, like her girl friends that she’s been spending so much time with are very important. I hope she’s learned that she can be happy without a boyfriend, and that if you have one, you need to both be happy to keep it together. I hope she’s knows that we love and trust her.

I guess he really does care, he showed up at the HS too Saturday morning to meet the bus, she he could see and hug her…..Kevin had to call me quickly to tell me…lol. She came home, showered, ate and then was off to spend a couple of hours with him before he spent 1-9 Saturday working at the ice cream shop in town. He picked her up after work to see some fireworks.

Here is a photo from last summer, I guess now she can put her pictures back up in her room, and I’m glad I didn’t use any of those for a dart board now!

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  1. Jen

    Oh man being a mom of teenagers has to be HARD!! Looking back on my life I am sure I gave my mom a lot of gray hairs from all my boyfriend woes!! Ha!!

    Oh to be young and in love!!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  2. Sandy

    Very sweet and good for you for being so supportive. But never underestimate young love! I married by 6th grade boyfriend!

  3. Tammy Howard

    Dang, they’re a cute couple…

    Isn’t it crazy – reliving all the angst through the daughters we love so much…

    Good luck to Caitie – and to YOU!

  4. Alex the Girl

    Oh my, they do look cute. The thing about high school romance is that whenever I start liking the boyfriend, she breaks up with them…they get heartbroken…I get heartbroken…etc. My oldest’s first love lasted for almost two years (freshman/sophmore), he broke up with her for a week, said he couldn’t be w/o her…she took him back…one week later she said they needed a break…permanently. GOOD LUCK, Anita! Teen love. Phew.

  5. linda

    Oh that puppy love…and drama! I remember it all too well from my two kids.

    They do make an adorable couple!

  6. Texas Mom

    Hey Anita,

    Good for you for being so supportive! That is a HUGE reason my mom and I are so very close now. She didn’t always agree or like my decisions, she stood by and loved me anyways. I just hope and pray I can be as good to Bailee. I clearly remember my first love….. thankfully I moved on BUT I had to live and learn on my own. Painful stuff.

  7. My name is PJ.

    I missed something – did you say this was “As The World Turns” or “Days Of Our Lives”? I chuckled the whole way through. Isn’t it nice to know that some things never change, generation to generation? By the way, I love the photo? Who took it? They make a very good looking couple! Each of them has very good taste!

  8. Denise

    It’s a girl’s perogative to change her mind, right? LOL As the mother of 2 boys, one that’s 23 and the other 18, I’ve been on the “boy” side of teen love. I can’t believe I have 4 more kids to go and I’m not even done with Ross yet.

  9. Lisa

    Oh that roller coaster. We’re not on it these days, but I have my Dramamine handy for when we are! That’s a very sweet picture.

  10. Bonnie

    What a cute couple they make. Both good looking kids! What a roller coaster ride.. teen love, ahhh.

    I know I will be there someday.. I may look you up for advice..haha

  11. Miss Healthypants

    Ahh, young love… 🙂

    By the way, I love the Michael Jackson song (I’ll Be There) that came up with your blog. That was my husband’s & my song when we were first dating, and I got tears in my eyes (both because of the memories and because of Michael Jackson being gone) when I heard it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Now there’s a different Michael Jackson song playing…love it!!!! 🙂

  12. bluecottonmemory

    These teenage relationship deals, especially with texting, leaves my head whirling. You might like some of my posts–from Hubba Bubba on up that deal with relationships. It’s amazing how differently each son has dealt with girls. It gives me a lot to write about. My head is still spinning. I so enjoyed your story!

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