In a haze……………a vacation memory

July 29, 2009 kids 9

I’m still in a haze from returning, and my goodness it was only 9 days and visiting my family in TX, but in any case, I’m just feeling overwhelmed and BUSY!

Let me share one crisis from last week.

You may recall nearly 4 weeks ago I purchased my beloved iPhone, I still love it! At the same time, we added a cell phone line for Nick to our plan. We concluded we were going to get him one around his 12th birthday(January) and so it was no big deal and lowered the cost of my phone. I gave him my less than 5 month old flip phone, in great shape and he was thrilled.

Well in TX he lost it.

We’ve been the luckiest family on earth, in 13 or so years of cell phone ownership, none of us have broken, flushed, lost, or had stolen our phones, and in less than 3 weeks my son accomplished this. I tend to freak out when things like this happen, you would have been proud, because my parents were around I kept a bit calmer, and only got agitated and stressed. I immediately reported it lost/stolen and had it stopped. We looked everywhere, but we “think” it was dropped/taken when he was playing in the mall play area, waiting for my parents to pick up new eye glasses. He had been told he was too big for the area, and not to play/jump etc. So much for his listening and he thinks it popped out of his pocket and now……………..gone. Never turned in as lost, probably picked up by someone to make a quick buck………ugh.
I calmed down some when I learned we could buy a new SIM card for $25(correction Nick can buy that) and we could use an old devise(we have several old ones).

I held in my wanting to discuss/reprimand him throughout dinner and waited til we were back at my sister’s home and we got him alone and told him we were disappointed and what his responsibilities were. I know I know, kids will be kids.

Lessons learned on all sides, and all will be fine. It was just a bit more painful.

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  1. Tammy Howard

    Oh, the phones!!! If it’s not one thing, it’s another, eh? We’ve never lost one, either (knock wood), but they DO seem like an awfully easy thing to lose!

    The whole responsibility thing? He’ll get it. Especially since you’re hitting him in the wallet!

  2. Lisa

    My reaction is just like Tammy’s. I admit, my kids have their phones for my convenience so when they don’t have them on or charged, or with them, I get really annoyed. But they’re learning and so am I.

  3. Casey

    wow, you handled that well. I am not sure I could have kept my calm! I am sorry that he lost it. Hopefully it will be a good lesson for him

  4. Pam

    We’ve been fairly lucky with our cell phones as well. Only one small incident and we made Katie pay for the repair. She’s been super careful every since. It’s wise to let Nick pay for this one. He’ll learn. Money talks. Good for you for not freaking out. No harm done really.

  5. Sandy

    Though we haven’t lost one yet, they do seem rather easy to lose. And since Paul drops things so often, I’m surprised he hasn’t smashed on. We’re probably due. I agree, make him pay for the correction, whevever it is. He’s just a kid.

  6. My name is PJ.

    Hi Anita, Welcome back! It seems like nine weeks since you last posted! Twelve is such a hard age – still a little kid, but almost a teen and that feels soooo old! You handled it well, but no surprise there; you do a beautiful job with your kids!

  7. Terra

    Ok, now that it has been a couple weeks you can Nick the story of when I had my blackberry in my hoody pocket and I got in my moms car, and I reached for the door handle and yanked it shut just as my blackberry slipped out of said hoody pocket and low and behold got CRUSHED by the door as it shut. What are the odds? Guess what? I don’t put my phone in that pocket anymore. Yes, kids will be kids, but adults can “screw up” too…that was a $300 biff and it stunk!

    Hopefully, he will chuckle.

  8. sheila

    I learned the hard way to save my old phones for a while when my daughter dropped her cell and it was unrepairable. Ughhh. I so feel your pain. But thank God you thought to keep an old phone! SMARRRRT!

  9. Bonnie

    Welcome back Anita!

    My 11 yr old son got his first cell phone for Christmas and he has “misplaced” it several times. It’s frustrating that he doesn’t keep better tabs on it but he hasn’t lost it yet. I feel your pain!

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