Friday Dance

July 31, 2009 friday 12

I have a friend, who weekly posts a call to do the “happy dance on facebook. Today she included this video clip, and I must admit, I wanted to dance around the house!!!

I loved Ally McBeal, and from all the googling I can do, it may be released on DVD sometime this year.

I am also happy that thirtysomething will be released on Aug 25th. I often think I like old TV better than new.

Random thoughts………………do the happy Friday dance all!!!

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  1. Alex the Girl

    Gods, yes! Old TV is much better than new, esp. when new t.v. is overflowing with reality television. My “oldie” favorite was China Beach. I can still hear the theme song playing in my head.

  2. Tammy Howard

    Loved Ally McBeal. Loved, loved, loved.

    Thirtysomething – OMG, I remember being on the phone with my sister when Gary died instead of whiny old Nancy and we both cried and shrieked and probably threw quite a fear into our respective neighbors. THAT’S how you do a surprise twist, folks. Take note.

    That being said, Monk and Psych return tonight, so I FINALLY have something to watch for a couple months (I haven’t been watching ANYthing!)

  3. Sandy

    Thirtysomething was a favorite…..I HATE tv lately. Of course, I don’t have any good channels so I’m at the mercy of the regular stations. I just don’t watch…..this clip was great!!

  4. Beth

    Old TV is good! This summer all the days feel the same with dh home due to his knee stuff…I love Fridays during school time!

  5. Pam

    Thirtysomething was the first TV show I was every obsessed with. I was one of the crazy fans who wrote to the network when they were going to cancel it and we actually got them to renew it another year! (Tried the same thing with Homefront. Didn’t work that time). So happy to hear 30 something is coming out on DVD. I just might have to ask for them for Christmas. Can’t wait!

  6. Denise K.

    Just popping by to say, “Hello!” and to let you know I am thinking about you Anita!!! We’re leaving early tomorrow a.m. but I look forward to getting all caught up with you very soon! Sending lots of love your way! Denise 🙂

  7. sheila

    Thanks for an early morning smile and a jog of my memory. I forgot how much I LOOOVED Ally McBeal. Oh, that show was awesome. I can’t believe they haven’t put that on DVD by now.

    And the mention of thirtysomething? OMG, yes, old tv was SOOOOOOOO much better than new tv.

  8. Bonnie

    I LOVED Ally McBeal. I’m so excited it’s coming out in DVD! Thanks for the info.

    The other night one of the boys starting playing “I will Survive” on their ipod docking station and we all stopped what we were doing and sang and danced together. What a tension breaker. We are going to do that more often around here!

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