Ladies of Grace, something to think about and a place to visit

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My friend Beth over at Walk a Mile is kicking off a blog carnival on August 5 … it is way cool and I encourage everyone to check out Beth’s blog and join in the good grace!

The following is the premise of the carnival —

Taken from A Heart Like His:

1. To be more aware of the condition of our hearts and with that awareness to keep them more open toward others

2. To do this in the normal course of our lives , in other words , not put any extra activities into our day–no extra visits, no preparing of casseroles etc.
People should not become “projects” and our lives should not to be filled with more things to do.

3. Notice the Spirit and be willing to blog and honestly report what did or did not happen.More explanation: This experiment is meant to help us explore and experiment with the simple concept of opening our hearts-simply making space for the Lord and others. Because this experiment is more about becoming than doing , it is simple, doesn’t consume time, actually creates energy and therefore self- perpetuating … This should be easy to do, but I believe the results will be more profound…because we are in search of a new heart…a heart like His!

Please join the fun over at Beth’s Blog.

What a great way to grace the world in our everyday doings!

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  1. Beth

    Thanks Anita! I am hoping that is goes off BIG! Don’t forget to comment on my blog…for the giveaway! I am working on the button issue!

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