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August 2, 2009 Uncategorized 7

While on vacation in TX we finally went to see the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I should preface this by telling you, although I love to read, I have not read ONE HP book. My husband Kevin has read them all, but the kids and I are fans of all the movies. Prior to this one we would pride ourselves on seeing them on Opening day, making a major production out of it, etc.

We saw this is a great new theater and enjoyed our before noon ticket price of just $5.00 and the seats were fab! According to true HP fans, there were some things added for movie thrills only and not in the book, but from a purely entertainment film point of view, it was a great movie. The young actors portraying Harry, Ron and Hermoine have grown into much better actors and the effects have become scarier too. It was a rather dark film, foreshadowing an even darker ending to the stories/films. I’m giving this 4/5 Stars, I really liked it.

In more rental viewings we saw plenty. Passengers was about a plane crash, and a small number of survivors and their memories of the crash and what really happened. Ann Hathaway was a psycholigist or something like that and she was perplexed at their different stories. Great twist to this film, if not a bit odd, but in general, rent-worthy. 3/5 Stars.

I love Dustin Hoffman, he is charming in my opinion. This role shows that yet again. Very sweet film, showing a mature romance. Emma Thompson wasn’t bad either…LOL. 3/5 stars

I loved the story behind this, time capsule buried in 1959, 50 years later it’s dug up and a list of #’s is found. The numbers turn out to be dates and #’s of people dead in all the last 50 years natural disasters. Nicholas Cage is on a hunt to learn more, to save others and maybe himself. Sort of sci fi, but really good. 3/5 stars

Rented purely for odd ball laughs. Tyler Perry always has a message too, about abused women and how women can become stronger. Seemed a bit long, but the funny parts were very funny, probably not the best movie for Nick to see…..oh well….3/5 stars

After this started Kevin and I realized we’d seen it before. A bit long, not a great ending, but ok, not horrible or the worst movie I’ve ever seen. 2/5 stars

Mucho movie watching time is winding down………….we’ll see what else we can watch this week! Grab the popcorn.

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  1. Beth

    I have only seen Nanny Diaries… I use to be on top of HP… love the books and the movies…but have lost interest the past few… I am sure I will catch them when they hit TV!

  2. My name is PJ.

    I’ve seen Last Chance Harvey and none of the others. I liked it. As for HP, I’ve not seen any. I read the first four and lost interest. Does that make me a heathen or something?? Have you seen Coraline, the animated feature with Dakota Fanning lending her voice to the lead? Talk about something different! I would like a sane person’s review of it. (I don’t count!)

  3. Tammy Howard

    I love Dustin Hoffman, too. Charming indeed! I used to like – nie LOVE Nic Cage, but he’s disappointed me lately – I haven’t seen Knowing…

    You KNOW I was at HP opening night!

  4. Sandy

    I’ve never caught on to the HP phenomenon. It feels too late now.

    But Dustin Hoffman….he is and has been for 30 years my #1. They filmed American Buffalo in my hometown (I thought the movie stunk despite his appearance) and I thought about going to watch but never did.

    And Nicholas Cage is another fav.

    I haven’t seen either of the two you reviewed so maybe I should!

  5. Ali

    I loved all the HP books but can never remember what happened in what book! I can’t wait to see the movie but will probably wait until it’s on pay per view.

  6. VeRonda

    I’m not a HP fan at all… I think I’ve seen parts of a couple movies as I flipped the channel. I do appreciate the movie lineups and reviews… But, best of all, I love love you guys being able to see the movie for $5. LOL! Going to the movies has become such an expense.

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