Long hot summer thoughts and ramblings

August 6, 2009 Uncategorized 11

I’ve been very busy this week, in reality, for the last 4 weeks. The dog days of summer, don’t you love phrases like this that, for me it invokes such imagery, and not really lovely. Hot hot days, sidewalks and streets where you can actually see the heat rising from them. Day after day of those temps and little rain to break up the monotony. Days when a cold drink or ice cream cone seem like a treat. Can you hear the sound of the ice cream truck bell or music? This is about what my days feel like. While much of the US has had unseasonably mild weather this summer, in Florida it’s been typically hot and humid.

Yes I live in a house with Central Air, I don’t know anyone in FL who doesn’t, it’s just the way it is here…………HOT. My life as of late has been more and more out of my cool house, and instead outside, at a softball and soccer field,and soon, I’ll be cheering in the bleachers for my son’s football team.

I’ve decided you can learn things when you are traveling with a teen daughter for 45 minutes or more. I’ve learned that my girls really are much better drivers now and that I often talk on the phone or play with my iphone while they drive. I’ve learned that they like to share and talk to me more when they are driving and not just a passenger where they might talk or text the trip away while plugged into their ipod. One of my daughters has always been more open with me, and she hasn’t changed, willing to tell me about her friends, what they are doing, what she planning with them and her boyfriend and what she is thinking, which I love. My other daughter, a bit more mysterious, more private, and at times, down right secretive and coniving, yes she can be! She is trying so very much to gain my trust more, and to be more open with me. I’m open and trying hard to keep my opinions to myself. It’s not always easy.

So I deduct that in some small way, the long hot dog days of summer and sports have an upside. Trapping a nearly 16 year old in a car, and letting her drive will often get you into conversations you’ve been open to having, and that in itself is a very good thing.

The picture of Adrienne above is one we are using on a player profile sheet we’re having printed for a Softball college showcase she is attending next weekend. I know I’m biased, but dang my daughter is lovely!

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  1. Beth

    Anita (from my heart) I would love to trade weather with you…for about a week… hugs…well air hug anyway… I love Adrienne’s hair.. so mature looking! Can’t wait to see her in a NCAA tourney on TV!

  2. Pam

    Adrienne is absolutley adorable. Great photo for her profile. I know what you mean about kids opening up in the car. I wish I had more long rides with my girls. Most of our trips are until 20 minutes. And, like yours, since i”m the driver they are plugged in. Too bad. Keep up the good work with holding your tongue with your more mysterious daughter. Sometimes it is soooo hard to be a mom.

  3. Alex the Girl

    We are south central hot, too. It’s been unusually cool (not in 100’s) this summer though…even getting as low as the high seventies. Very nice, indeed. You could have been describing my two girls, you know…one will share EVERYTHING with me…even that which I am not ready to know, while the other is a bit more closed mouthed when it comes to personal matters.

  4. My name is PJ.

    Hi Anita, You are one schmart cookie: kid+car+mom in passenger seat= conversation. (They grow out of that conniving/secretive phase. I promise!) Adrienne is a beauty; she looks like her mom!!

  5. Bonnie

    She is very pretty!

    I love when the boys open up. My older son and I have had some great conversations while driving.

  6. Terra

    SHe is so pretty and I have to say a car talk will beat no talk anyday! My girls always want to talk at bedtime when I am BUSHED…but hey…what are you gonna do?

  7. Sandy

    Adrienne is very pretty. She looks a lot like her mom! Sounds like you are raelly enjoying your time with your girls.

  8. Denise K.

    Ah, what a great photo of lovely Adrienne who I also thinks looks just like you!!! 🙂 It sounds hot and warm in Florida, which sounds great to me! It’s been rainy, green, and overcast most afternoons…so a little trip south sounds divine!

    What a busy but wonderful summer you have all enjoyed! Enjoy every minute and know I am thinking about you and sending lots of love your way!

  9. Miss Healthypants

    She is a lovely girl! 🙂

    It sounds like you have two interesting daughters, and you’re a good Mom. 🙂

    And I don’t know how you handle that Florida heat! We have had 3 days of 90+ temps with humidity, and I’m already ready for it to be done!! *smiles*

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