First day of school round 1

August 11, 2009 Uncategorized 15

I should never complain about my kids and going back to school. Those faces are sincere! My girls have never really dreaded school or fussed about it. Naturally there have been moments when they were very unhappy with a class or teacher or assignment, but for the most part, they have positive attitudes.

I can hardly believe that my girls are Juniors in high school, I should dig out that first day of school picture from PreK or Kindergarten, but it might make me feel old…lol!

I always loved school…….how about you? I loved shopping for new clothes and planning what to wear when. I loved new school supplies, and I still love buying things for my kids, and well, I can’t pass up a new office supply for myself.

I do miss that school begins so early in FL, and summer seems still in full blast til September, but it’s still just as hot here in Sept and all school do have central A/C.

Nick returns next Monday……..

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  1. Mnmom

    They are adorable! I share your love of new school supplies, but this year our list was so incredibly long it took up most of this week’s paycheck!! I’ll have to post about it soon.

  2. Sandy

    They look so excited. I liked school in general so I guess I didn’t mind going back. But I do remember the butterflies about new classes especially when I started high school. Back then there was no such thing as orientation, you just figured it out! And I did.

  3. Casey

    I too love new school supplies! I can’t believe they are already starting school it feels like you just posted they were getting out!

  4. Alex the Girl

    School was absolutely dreadful. I wasn’t an extremely social person…then as I entered highschool I took on more of the “treble without a clause” kind of personality. I didn’t take a single college prep class because there was no way in hell I was ever going back. Viola! I now teach. Go figure.

  5. Elizabeth

    It’s amazing that kids are going back this time of year. Here, it’s not until after labor day! MN is cold though, we must enjoy the sun as much as we can 🙂

    I loved school. I was the “Mom, I’m bored!!” summer kid counting down the days to go back. I didn’t have a hard time socially. I wasn’t the most popular but I had my friends and I was never teased so that part was fine. But mostly, I was a closet nerd and really just enjoyed learning new things : LOL

  6. Beth

    As you know…I personally don’t like going back..but I do like my job! I think because Lydia has “always” had a mom as a teacher she feels the same as I do…poor thing! She does like school, even the homework and projects!

  7. My name is PJ.

    THAT’S a cute shot!! Bookends! Remember The Patty Duke Show – Patty and her cousin Cathy? Back to school shopping….let me just say that, for all the years I worked, every late summertime I would back to school shop for myself too! It was this lovely tradition with which I was unwilling to part – until I retired.

  8. Bonnie

    Oh your girls look so fun and happy!! I always liked the first day of school too.. loved shopping for new supplies and school clothes!

    My oldest started middle school Monday and my 3rd grader goes back the 18th.

    I will miss summer but starting to be reading for a routine.

  9. Ali

    Like Bonnie, I’m ready for different routine, too–although I may change my mind now that I have 2 to get ready in the mornings:)

    What a happy picture! I hope my 7 and 5 year olds are as happy next Wednesday!

  10. Pam

    I loved school as a kid as well and I still enjoy shopping for school supplies. My girls have always been pretty good about the start of school. I wouldn’t say they are excited to go back, but they don’t dread it either. This year I’ve got two in HS (one freshmand and one senior). Talk about feeling old!

  11. Terra

    THEY ARE SO SO SO ADORABLE! I hope they know that! Juniors! I also hope we are still in touch when I type that same sentance…

  12. Denise K.

    WOW, the girls do start back early, but with those smiling faces, they just glow!!! What beauties! I loved school, and still do! I think my love of education and learning is what led me to becoming a teacher! I miss teaching and have a feeling it will be in my future once again! Enjoy the next few days of new beginnings! 🙂

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