The long lost Friday Five!

August 14, 2009 Uncategorized 9

It feels like it’s been forever since I kept up with my own Meme!! I hope 5 are enough to get in all the good thoughts for the week.
1.I’m so thankful that my daughters returned to school and the week has had good reviews school wise.
2. I’m so thankful that my daughters celebrated their 16th birthday on Wednesday………yes how in the world could those babies be 16!! They started their day getting their driver’s license, yes in FL you get a permit at 15 and a DL at 16, with limited driving hours, but basically full privileges. I grew up with the same thing, so it’s not startling to me, but as their mom……..oh my goodness it was a tough one! Both passed their road test and as they dropped me at home and drove off to HS it was a moment of heart pounding. This is day 3 and all seems well.
3. I’m so thankful that my husband will be home tomorrow! Kevin flew to Vegas on Wednesday morning and while a short trip, I admit, I like my husband home.
4. I’ve had a wonderful week with Nick, this being his last week of summer break. He’s been busy with friends over and going to friends, he’s practiced football almost every night, and he’s just been a pleasure to be with. He starts 6th grade on Monday…………and well as my baby you don’t even want to imagine the tears I might have in my eyes after I drop him off.
5. While saying goodbye to summer break is tough, bye bye sleeping in, and slugging around in my jammies til noon(yep that is my current state) bye bye to a more relaxed pace and no ranting about homework/projects and bed times. I am also ok with saying hello again to some routines, like getting the kids off to school, and at least for now, some quiet time for me.
I’ve blogged quite infrequently this summer and I really miss the time I took to brainstorm and write and share. I miss reading my favorite blogs too. I look forward to this very much!!

Happy weekend all………………

9 Responses to “The long lost Friday Five!”

  1. sheila

    Yes, I often find it funny that I thought it was great to be driving at 15…and we drove all over the place all the time. Fancy free, lol.

    Now that mine are driving, I’m a worrywart, lol. It’s true, I DID turn into my mother! lol

  2. My name is PJ.

    Welcome back, long lost friend! It’s great to have you! Oooooh, that driving at 16 is nerve wracking business for a mom. Lots of praying, kiddo! πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend!

  3. Sandy

    I had my license 2 weeks after turning 16 and it seemed so normal but I look at 16 year olds now and think EEK! Glad you’re back; I’m sure the girls will be fine.

  4. Crazy Mom of Three

    I look forward to a new routine too even though I have trouble saying goodbye to another great Summer … I have also missed having additional computer time during the Summer. Sixth grade made me feel a bit in awe myself with Nicholas … they are getting so big!

  5. Pam

    Wow. what a week you’ve had. Congrats to the girls! When katie got her license in February it was exactly the same. She got her license and then she drove off to school. YIKES. It was a weird parenting moment. Glad you enjoyed your time alone with Nick. We still have two more weeks of summer vacation and usually by now I’m hankering for some “routine” as well. But, not this summer for some reason. I’m still loving it and not looking forward to getting up early and the Morning Mambo! Yuck! Good luck on Monday.

  6. Casey

    I totally forgot to do my Friday Five, oops.

    Your list was great and a happy belated birthday to your girls. I bet it was nice having some time just with Nick. I can’t believe school is already starting back up. It feels like it just got out yesterday. We meet Emma and Madison’s teacher at the end of the week and I am nervous. They are excited though so I guess that is good. Take care and I look forward to reading more posts from you! I miss you

  7. Tammy Howard

    We’ve still got a couple weeks of summer break – I think we’re all ready for school to start, though.

    I think we all became a little less diligent over the summer – it will be nice to be back in a routine.

  8. Miss Healthypants

    Yay, I’m glad your Friday Five is back!–I love your Friday Five–and it always reminds me to count my blessings, too. πŸ™‚

    I am grateful for this past wonderful weekend–it was just lovely. πŸ™‚

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