The school fundraiser, or things I detest and despise

September 1, 2009 schools 12

School is in weeks 4 and 3 for my kids, and we are once again in that most dreaded of places. Fundraising hell, I apologize if that analogy is unpleasant for you, I try not to use language that is ugly or unbecoming, in my younger years I often talked like a sailor………but I digress!

Schools cost money, money we pay taxes for, some more than others, some schools are better than others and some schools we pay tuition for(my son is in a Catholic school) but there is always a gray area between what monies are brought in and what monies are needed and this is where fundraising comes from.

Annually we do 3 all school fund raisers. A school fair in late October, complete with dangerous carnival rides and seedy looking operators, but great food! In the Spring we do a car raffle. Right now we are adrift in Magazine sales………..and to double the fun, beyond the Catholic School magazine push, the girls are raising Prom money selling magazines………same company etc, so I battle with that one too!

Our schools, clubs, sports, organizations run a muck with these sales drives. Sell candles, hams, cups, cookie dough, ANYTHING!!! Many times I’ve been known to write a check and just be done with it.

I try to encourage my kids to be the beggars and not me. I fill out forms, send emails and ask politely, but I’m not going to push these magazines or any other products on anyone, it’s tiring!

What is the solution? I wish I knew………..but in the meantime…………can I interest you in some fine reading material!!!??

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  1. Pam

    I HATE school fundraisers, too! Especially selling stuff. I hate to ask my family and friends to buy all this way overpriced stuff they don’t want but feel obligated to buy. Sometimes I just tell my kids that they can’t participate. The school only gets a small portion of the total sales anyway. I’d much rather the school just ask for one donation at the beginning of the year and then LEAVE ME ALONE! I’d rather write one check and be done with it. Better yet, why can’t they manage on the money they already get. Oh, please, don’t get me started!

  2. Tammy Howard

    Yep – I think we’re all in the same boat here. I buy the minimum that will get my kids credit for ‘participating’ and that’s that. We don’t ask anyone to buy anything anymore.

    Our elementary school used to do a walkathon. I liked that. Then you were just making a donation, not selling ridiculous, useless ‘stuff’.


  3. Mnmom

    GAH! I hate fundraisers!! Especially selling useless stuff that only ends up in the trash heap. We switched to a walk-a-ton too thank heavens. The school gets ALL the money, and no one has to cart around bags and boxes.

    I also enjoy bagging groceries for the high school sports teams.

  4. sheila

    I feel your pain. I was the PTA pres for a couple years when my kids were in elementary and MS.

    If you’re ever interested, Aventine is doing fundraising now. 🙂

    Just as a back up! lol

  5. Beth

    Only if you will buy an entertainment book from me! ackkkk! I have already decided I will not fund-raise this school year…nope not gonna!

  6. Crazy Mom of Three

    I don’t let my kids solicit, rarely even to family members, because we can’t afford to buy from everyone else and I just don’t believe in asking people to spend their money on some of that stuff. I try to buy the minimum necessary to get my child the award or to meet the minimum quota. When I have had extra money in the past, I have just made a donation in place of the fundraiser. My son is also selling magazines right now, along with other miscellaneous items … I think I can make enough work out as fill-in Christmas gifts this time around, etc.

  7. My name is PJ.

    Seriously, the solution has been found by you already: write a check and be done with it AND let your kids do the hustling, if it need be done.

    Sometimes it seems a bit out of hand. We have an endless parade of kids coming to the house for school, scouts, sports, etc. It’s gotten so we have to pick and choose to whom we give and for what cause.

  8. Bonnie

    We had never really had to deal with fundraisers until now and suddenly BAM.. we have the magazine sales at school and both boys have fundraisers with football.. butter braids and chocolate bars!!!

  9. Terra

    THANKFULLY our school that we pay WAY too much for only does 1 real fund raiser per year! The annual “ball/auction” they also the gift card/grocery program but that is money we all spend anyway so I don’t count it!

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