Book Review: The Help

September 2, 2009 book review 6

The Help
Kathryn Stockett

Set in 1962 Mississippi, The Help is the story of a young woman, Skeeter, who has recently returned home from college. Living again in Jackson MS, she is not surprised that her mother’s biggest concern is her finding a husband. She aspires to be a writer, and she is willing to attempt a small housekeeping column in the paper, only she knows nothing of this job.
She is heartbroken that their own maid and the woman who raised her has left. She misses Constantine and would have gone to her for advise. She decides to choose the maid of a friend, a woman she grew up with and who now has a child and maid of her own. Skeeter and Aibileen become more than just a white woman and a black maid helping her, they become partners in something much bigger.

After reading this book, I feel I may have given a 5 star rating to too many previous reads. This book was simply too good! Thought provoking and sweet, and made me cry towards the end. The book made me think about my own relationships with people of other races, and wonder what I project in these relationships. It made me think back to a time of unrest in our country.

I loved Skeeter and Aibileen, and in time I grew to love the character of Minny. This review is a 5 out of 5 stars……..I loved it!

I am recommending this book to everyone I know, it’s so very good. The Help will stay with me for some time. Have you ever read a book you don’t want to forget and hate to start another? I feel this way right now, not 10 minutes after I have finished reading it.

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  1. My name is PJ.

    Liked the review, Anita. That book still sits on my book shelf because I haven’t had the opportunity to read lately. I am, however, looking forward to it!

    One book that stayed with me for a long time (when it was first written)was Picoult’s “My Sister’s Keeper.” I know I won’t like the movie because I’ve heard they changed then ending. Makes you wonder whose lame-brained idea that was….

  2. Pam

    I’m so glad you loved this book so much. I truly loved it, too. And I have read a great book and been reluctant to start another one. It’s hard to enjoy the next few books. Recently someone gave me some good advice about his situation. She suggested reading a non-fiction book next. That sounds like it might work. Got any non-fiction on your tbr list?

  3. Beth

    I am 3/4 thru The Help on my Touch/Kindle! I am really enjoying it! As far as being able to use the Kindle/Touch to read…surprisingly it isn’t too is black background with white print… I don’t read more than 30 minutes each time tho! lol

  4. Terra

    I haven’t read ityet but I have read many reviews and they all say the same thing “READ IT” – I will download it this weekend!!!

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