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September 15, 2009 schools 8

Do your children’s schools have an online program to view grades?

Our schools use a program named Edline. I’ll be honest, 2 years ago when my daughters entered high school I was obsessed with edline. I checked it several times a day, anxious to view any updated or input grades. I knew grades on quizzes or tests before they got home from school.

At times this put me in a really bad mood, angry, wanting answers, why is there a 0 for a homework grade………….why is such and such incomplete……….the list goes on and on. Other times I was pleased and excited, proud………but the mood could change like the wind.

I truly had to learn to modify my behavior. Two years later I kind of look once or twice a week at edline. I do not get emails to alert me to new updates…………too Pavlovian……….no thanks. For the most part I’d say my daughters check it and tell me their grades more often than I check.

The high school teachers seem to be a bit more savvy and on top of inputting grades and assignments, which is helpful to students and parents who might miss something. Nick’s school is a bit sluggish. It makes you wonder if we are too hooked up to technology to even notice the lack of order. I’m a parent that puts much less emphasis and pressure on elementary school than I formerly did. Having seen that your child can learn and be bright and not make straight A’s, I look for trends, understanding concepts and attitude more with Nick. Of course he is very bright and can and does make good grades, but when I see him falling behind I try to encourage better work habits and not get too freaked out.

So tell me, what has your experience with online grades and the benefits or hazards of technology in all of this been? Come on, I’ll give you and A for effort!

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  1. Terra

    I like you am not too concerned with grades at this point (still in elem) however, I would LOVE to know if something was missing, incomplete and so forth. we haven’t had any issues yet, and L is astraight A student…but little H…she could be a challenge!!!

  2. My name is PJ.

    Of course, I’m beyond the possibility of on-line grades, but I would have liked the access.

    I have a theory about grades and schools. I’m with you on elementary school grades: so long as work is done and understanding is evident, straight A’s are not necessary. High school grades are much more important, so work habits have to honed accordingly.

    The same with colleges. In the corporate world, NOBODY really cares where you did undergrad studies…they pay attention to where your graduate work was done.

    Parents are out-of-control thinking that every kid needs to be a star athlete, an A student and hardworking, honest, pleasant, helpful, etc. They forget, that’s only on “Leave It To Beaver” and “Ozzie and Harriet”. We live in a “Roseanne” world. 🙂

    Hey, what’s keeping you busy and away from posting? Are you working out of the house now? I miss you.

  3. Pam

    We also have an online grading system called iParent. I try to check it once a week, just to be sure that there are no missing assignments or too many terrible test grades. I agree that it can become an obessession and it can be dangerous because not all teachers update regularly so there will be lots of zeros just because the teacher hasn’t input the grade. That can cause all kinds of problems for parents/kids. For the most part, I like it.

  4. Beth

    You know my opinion! I could take or leave them…never had the need to use them with my older two…they were good students…As a teacher I like the efficiency, but don’t like the pressure of parents waiting for updates! We are “asked” to update once a week…

  5. sheila

    Ahhh yes….our middle school had that and it was such a pain and not really kept up very well.

    But now they’re in HS and I actually do go one there about once a month. I find it useful but I don’t like it when they don’t update it or put a ‘O’ or a “n/a”

  6. Bonnie

    Anita, my son started middle school this year (6th grade) and we have what’s called the parent portal… the first week of school I was checking it all the time. I’m trying to limit it to once or twice a week now. It does stress me out a little because I want to check it all the time.. I’m trying to let him tell me before I check now. I do like it though. Connor is a bit disorganized and tends to forget deadlines etc.. I’m trying to find the balance in reminding him and letting him figure it out.

  7. Tammy Howard

    You’re right – teachers are inconsistent. I think if all of them were inputting everything all the time, I would be likely to take it much more seriously. As it is, I check when I think of it…

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