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The Swine Flu vaccine was approved yesterday and will be available starting in October. Here are the recommendations:

Q: Who should get vaccinated for seasonal flu? What about pandemic flu?

A: Seasonal flu vaccine campaigns usually focus on the elderly and people of all ages with chronic diseases that can put them at higher risk of dangerous complications. Swine flu is striking a much younger population, including pregnant women, so the government recommended that it be given to pregnant women, people who live with or care for children younger than 6 months old, health care workers, people ages 6 months to 24 years and people 25 to 64 who have chronic illnesses or immune problems.(source the Detroit Free Press).

I personally do not fall into either of these categories, so I’m probably not getting either flu shot. My internal debate is if my children should have either or both of the flu vaccines. Last year all three of them were given the flu mist, no problems at all. Nick has had the flu vaccine several times and still wound up with the flu twice, so I’m not sure of it’s efficacy.

Our public schools(and naturally I know most about the HS) has seen many students out with the flu. There is no certainty that it was “swine flu” but there have been more students out sick at this time of year than in previous years. The general guidelines are to treat all flu like swine flu and keep your kids home. I understand Tami-flu has been given to reduce symptoms. The definitive testing to identify the H1N1 virus currently is done at the CDC but I understand each state will be opening up additional sites. From what I’ve read this is only for more severe cases, as it’s not critical to know which viral strain it is in most cases.

So I’m curious what your plans are, for yourself, your family, your parents etc. Do you plan to be in line come October? Have you been a flu vaccine receiver in the past?

I’ll keep you posted………I really don’t know.

I realize I make these promises, to update……………..so just to keep you informed, we are not yet tracking our teen girls by their cell phones yet. I still have the information, but we aren’t doing it.

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  1. Beth

    I am usually not a reactor toward the flu shots etc…but this year I just feel so vulnerable… probably because I am in the school setting… I had the regular shot yesterday… and probably will get the H1N1…not totally sure tho!

  2. sheila

    We normally don’t get the flu shot here. One of us (out of 5) DID get the flu-flu last year but oddly none of the other four of us caught it. (I’m good at quarantine-ing lol!)

    As for the Swine vaccine? Nope, Nadda, No Way for me or my kids. I’d have to wait and see what others experience from the vaccine first. I don’t trust the governments judgement in the first place, and certainly not for them to release a vaccine without human trials. Nope.

    Actually, from the swine flu so far….it’s been extremely mild. Should it get much worse and people are dropping like flies? I might reconsider.
    dang, sorry to write a book here (lol!)

  3. Bonnie

    We have never gotten the flu shots. I debate every year with the kids but so far we are pretty healthy so I’m afraid to mess it up.

    I’m kind of funny when it comes to flu shots. I’m worried that down the road they will find side effects.

  4. Denise K.

    If there is a disease, and they have a vaccine for it, I get it! I am a big believer in vaccines and am vaccinated against everything. Fortunately, we’ve had good experiences and have been healthy throughout flu seasons hopefully due to the vaccine. My husband on the other hand doesn’t go overboard like me and doesn’t want the flu shot…he too hasn’t been sick so maybe we are just lucky, vaccines or not! 🙂

  5. My name is PJ.

    Isn’t it disconcerting (suspicious)that the ‘seasonal’ flu is hitting so early and so hard?

    The chef and the elders are all senior citizens, so they’re getting innoculated for both flus. My sister works for the county government and is around people all day long, so she’s getting innoculated.

    I’m not. I have had one flu shot in the past 5 or 6 years, simply because I was there when I took my mom to get hers. I don’t sick, but I’m not out in public and don’t have young children, either.

  6. Tammy Howard

    I don’t know either. Both girls got ‘the mist’ this year, but if any of us will go further than that, I just don’t know. I sort of think probably not…

  7. Terra

    HEY, we are flu shot getters (all but my husband who swears it gives him the flu) we have some health issues with Asthma that getting the REAL FLU’s can really interfere with…knock on wood – we have avoided the flus so far but H1N1 is not one I want to mess around with (the flu not the shot) so we are headed in for our shots next month!

  8. Pam

    I get a flu shot every year and my girls get either the shot or the mist. My husband won’t get one. He dislikes taking medicine of any kind, so there is no way he will take PREVENTATIVE medicine. I’m exactly the opposite. I’m all about prevention. I will get the flu shot this year, as usual. And if the swine flu vaccine is available for me I will get that too.

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