Tendinitus=no playing softball.

September 19, 2009 Uncategorized 9

See the shoulder above, it’s not Adrienne’s, but her’s looks nothing like this. Her top shoulder bone actually curves down, but that’s really just an anomaly and not the reason she’s injured her arm/shoulder.

Yesterday I took her to the Orthopedist’s office, and he told her she has tendinitis/bursitis and that the way to heal it is to rest it. It hurts when she raises her arm up, not so good for a catcher or a softball player. He was a great Dr, he specializes in sports medicine and he said rest is the best thing and he would suggest a shot of cortisone and maybe some PT. So although she was not in favor of the shot, we got it, good golly, ever seen one of those needles? But I held her hand and she got it. We all agreed to 2 weeks off playing/practicing, and taking NSAID’s and icing her arm. He wanted a few weeks off, but we’ll see how it feels in 2.

What caused this, no one knows, maybe over use, maybe an odd throw, who knows, it bothered her a month ago and we had some time off, but as soon as she went back to playing it was hurting again.

Was she upset? Well yes, we told him she was suppose to be in a college showcase this weekend and he looked at us like we were crazy to ask if she could play!!

So my girl is down for a bit, but she’ll be okay.

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  1. My name is PJ.

    Yikes, Adrienne! My heart goes out to you. I understand bursitis first-hand. I’ve also been intimate with cortisone injections…in my spine. Not fun. Be glad you’re young and , remember – if you only do 75% of what the doctor prescribes, you will NOT get 75% better.

    That cortisone will probably make you feel a lot better in a few days…you still need to rest and ice. Hope you feel better, permanently, soon!

  2. Sandy

    I have that same anomaly and occasionally when I have some inflamation of the area it causes that bone to rub areas it shouldn’t be contacting. Ice, anti-inflamatories and rest usually take care of it.

    Hope all goes well for Adrienne and her recovery goes ahead of schedule.

  3. Miss Healthypants

    Oh, please tell her that I sympathize with her! I was just diagnosed with tendonitis in my arm a couple of months ago, and it hurt like hell. I don’t know what I did to injure it, either–but I suspect that it was playing the Wii Sports Active far too often.

    Four things helped me the most (although I still struggle with some pain sometimes–but it’s much better than it was):

    1. REST!! Her doctor was right. This truly is the most important thing.

    2. Ibuprofen & ice—-anti-inflammatories are important. (By the way, Walgreen’s sells these Icy Hot patches that helped to temporarily relieve the pain.)

    3. Massage–I had a massage that really helped a lot. I’d definitely recommend it to your daughter.

    4. Once it starts feeling better, she should try to lift very light weights, to get her strength back. This really does help.

    I wish her much luck!!!! 🙂

  4. sheila

    YOUCH! Bursitis is very painful. Poor kid. Hope she feels better soon! Thats gotta suck not being able to play in the showcase thing. Sounds like a great honor.

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