Social networking, texting and phonetic spelling…oh my!

September 28, 2009 Uncategorized 10

Some things in life just bother me……….lack of adequate health care in the US, poverty in what is touted as being the richest nation, and today…………the appearance of spelling ignorance in the teen culture of today.

I know this is a distant problem as compared to the first two, but seriously does it bother everyone my age or generation? I text minimally to my kids mostly, and yet I can’t write U for you, it grates on me to even see it. I have a few teen “friends” on facebook and when I see their status updates and they include the most horrendous spelling and phonetic or easy forms to write it causes me to question how they turn that mode off and on.

Writing is now part of the SAT test, writing is critical in college, writing is something I once considered as a career path……….so to see it done so carelessly makes me want to question these teens. Do you know how to write better………is this habit a hindrance to your better writing? My own girls put more thought into any text they send me, maybe because they would just rather not discuss it with me again….ha ha!

This is just something that was on my mind.

I did ask Adrienne about the party she was invited to, she informed me she was not invited to the party, and has no interest in going, so that is easy enough. Over the weekend the mom posted that she has 10+ chaperons for the party. It’s being held at a local social hall, not a huge place, and I imagine the number attending is under 50, but I thought that many adults chaperoning was a bit excessive, maybe I’m ignorant………..who knows!

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  1. Lisa

    I have a daughter who hates it when people use the shortened versions and phonetic spellings for words. Very old school. I know there are times when it seems appropriate to use those spellings or misspellings, if you will, like when you’re in a hurry, driving, etc. But that’s exactly when you shouldn’t be texting in the first place, right? And yes, I’m guilty of it, too, but have recently stopped that altogether. It’s not worth it.

    I think that the kids have to learn when to turn it off and on and just like we hopefully learned how to speak properly as opposed to how we might speak when with peers, they’ll do the same. Here’s hoping anyway.

  2. sheila

    I do limited texting too. my eyes hurt from those little buttons. I used to never use U for you, but I came to the conclusion that I get done quicker. lol

    But I do agree with U (lol, I really do)

  3. Denise

    This post is Gr8! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

    I, too, HATE (yes capitals!) texting with replacements: U=you, R=are, 4=for, etc. My kids know better then to text me with abbreviations like the above and in fact, my boys won’t text that way now. Julia, on the other hand, thinks it’s cool to abbreviate. The real clincher was my brother who is 9 years younger than me. He would text me like that all the time and he had a Blackberry! I told him he had a key board on that phone so use it! He’s a man with a college diploma so use it!

  4. My name is PJ.

    You and I, along with a bunch of our peers, are ‘old school’: articulate speaking, grammatically correct writing, flawless spelling, and the ability to count back change from a $10 the REAL WAY, etc.

    They will drag us, kicking and screaming into a future of head shaking ‘oh wells!’ WE are our parents. 🙂

  5. Sandy

    Anita, you have hit one of my hottest buttons! I hated it when Toys R Us hit the market. (Kids learn to spell from signs!) I’ve never texted much and, as you know, I have an iPhone and I EMAIL with limited abbreviations. I never use U, R or any of the other common ones you see today. I would bet money that the teachers today are seeing those used in papers written by their students.

    I reread my posts constantly and when I find a spelling or grammatical error after something has been published, I am so embarrassed!

  6. Tammy Howard

    I hate it, too. Grrrr.

    But seriously – I know you watched and liked Modern Family (I saw your comment at Pam’s) – how funny was it when the dad said, “I know all the abbreviations. LOL = laugh out loud, OMG = Oh my god, WTF = why the Face…”

  7. Miss Healthypants

    Funny, I wrote on my blog yesterday about a spelling contest I partipated in as a child. I wonder how spelling contests go nowadays? Do kids still know how to spell at all? 🙂

  8. Pam

    I think the biggest issue here is that the kids dont’ know when it’s appropriate to use these shortcuts and when it isn’t. My husband receives resumes and job applications with this type of spelling and grammar in it! Unbelievable. Do they not know it’s incorrect or are they just lazy?

    And I will (sheepishly) admit to using shortcuts in my texts. I am the world’s slowest texter because I text so rarely. At first I would spell everything out and now I just don’t. Otherwise it takes me FOREVER to send the message. *hangs head in shame*

  9. Anonymous

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