What a week,and a new health concern

October 2, 2009 Uncategorized 10

Looking up, what do you think? Long titles make for poor blog posts? Long titles scare readers off? Who reads this stuff anyway? Those 41 followers……I doubt it? You……..well maybe.

This week seemed so so busy……….and full of some milestones:

Caitie drove on I-95 alone for the first time. Her goalkeeper training is on Tuesdays at 4:30, and it’s a straight 20 miles south on I-95, and she’s been wanting to do it alone. It’s over by 6, so she’s home before dark, but not driving much in the worst traffic, so we let her try it………alone. It was the longest 34 minutes of my life, until she arrived and sent me a text. I’m so proud of her. Last night as we drove farther south to regular team practice she told me it was boring driving that far alone, and she’d rather have me to talk to………..love that girl………now if she would just pick up her room.

Adrienne’s arm is feeling a bit better and she was to practice last night, but the field lights were a problem, so she only got a little throwing in. She plans to play some this Saturday at a college scrimmage, one of the schools she is interested in is attending.

So………..yesterday Kevin returned to his Dr as a follow up to some neck pain he’d had last month and following the blood work he’d had done. He expected his cholesterol might be high, and his BP was slightly up, but what he heard really surprised him.
His blood sugar is high, my dear husband is a type 2 diabetic.
He arrived home after his meeting, a quick time for us to chat, eat some lunch and he had to get to work. We are both admittedly overweight and inactive. We have no excuse for this lifestyle choice……..we are educated and know it’s unhealthy, but honestly, it’s not until a doctor tells you that you will now have to be on meds and monitor your blood sugar level and either change your lifestyle or risk a myriad of other likely side affects as a result of not taking care of your self that it’s sets in…………..damn, we have to change!

Stay tuned for a healthier Anita and her family!

Amended: Kevin’s cholesterol is fine, and his BP is only slightly above the recommended 120/80.
Have no worries, we plan to exercise and eat right in an appropriate fashion. We aren’t in horrible shape, and we know all lifestyle changes take time to adapt too…….sort of like a new baby…ha ha!

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  1. Terra

    ok, first that 34 minutes would have killed me – to hell with high blood sugar/pressure! I dread the days my girls start driving…But we all have to grow up right? Second, I am NO ONE to talk about healthy choices and exercise…I am the world’s worst example and I think about it daily – if I spent as much time exercising as I do thinking about it I would be a size 0! so…..My unsolicited advice? Baby steps…a walk after dinner each night (or breakfast) instead of shooting for “miles” shoot for minutes – you might find that in a short time you are walking farther and farther in your “minute” allotment and that will feel good!!!


    on diet and exercise, I agree with Terra walk 10-15 min. each day increase as you can. clean up your diet with what a nutritionist says a diabetic should eat.

    on giving your child that first bit of freedon that first 34 min. I remember it well. scarry letting them test their wings.

    I read every blog post, I love your blog. keep it up!

  3. Beth

    I am sorry to hear that…but maybe it will end up a good thing if it causes healthier bodies! Good Luck!

  4. My name is PJ.

    Sorry to hear about Kevin! Does it run in his family, or is he the first? Type 2 has reached so many people in this country, it’s scary; the good news is a healthier lifestyle will benefit everyone. Terra is right – start small, add gradually, keep at it. It’s a lifestyle change, not a goal search. All the best!

  5. linda

    Anita, as a nurse, I know and see all too well the results of Diabetes, and it’s not pretty. Hopefully this eye opener will spur you and hubby onto a better, healthier lifestyle.

    Keep us posted!

  6. Pam

    What a wake up call for Kevin! The good news is that this is something you can work on and control. Good luck!

    Congrats to Caitie for driving on I-95 alone. Way to go! Good for you for letting her do it, too. I know how hard that can be.

    I will keep you in my thought as you and Kevin embark on your new healthier lifestyle.

  7. Mnmom

    I’m so afraid of diabetes in my future, but do I lose weight?? No, it’s just to freakin hard!

    Glad to hear your daughter is driving safely! Our twins will be 16 in January, so we’re right behind you. You may have to talk me off a cliff in the coming months.

  8. Tammy Howard

    Wow, good luck to you and Kevin with making healthier choices. Tom and I need to as well, but so far it’s like everything else – we talk about it – we KNOW what’s right – but we just can’t seem to make that first step. Keep us posted on your progress!

  9. Miss Healthypants

    My yoga teacher told me that this time of year (Autumn) is the best time to get in shape…the summer rush of family get-togethers and unhealthy barbecues are over, so now it is the right time to get back to school/exercise. I sure hope she’s right! 🙂 I have been exercising at least 1/2 hour every day…so that’s something! 🙂

    Good luck to you and your husband! It might be rough at first, but you’ll both get healthier together! 🙂

  10. Denise K.

    I am so sorry to read about Kevin’s recent diagnosis, but you are absolutely right; it isn’t until we have a health scare that we find the motivation sometimes to make those changes. My heart disease diagnosis prompted my new exercise routine and my hubby and I have been exercising together. Keep walking and make small changes that will be easier to maintain for a lifetime. Hang in there and I remembering you all in my prayers this week friend!

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