Mini Book Review Monday

October 5, 2009 book review 4

Mini…………because two of these books were read over a month ago, and alas great details slip my mind……..

I finished this book last week. It is the story of 11 girls from Ames Iowa, just a bit younger than myself, born in 1963 and 64. This amazing look into how they have managed to stay friends for 40+ years was wonderful. Jeffrey Zaslow was permitted to meet with and talk to the women and also look back on what they have kept and shared over the years. I was touched by how much of it resembled my midwest Missouri roots. I was jealous that I didn’t have 10 friends from my youth who I can still run to and share my thoughts and feelings today.
There were short comings, I didn’t get the same perspective of all the women, some I feel I know more than others. It made me laugh and cry, and best of all…….it made me think. I rated it a 4 out of 5 stars.

I enjoy a Barbara Delinsky novel, they are mostly easy to read but often deal with a specific drama in a characters life. This was the story of two sisters, one is has had a heart attack, the other is the one left, the one dealing with what the family should do next and finding her role in that family. I liked learning about the sisters and the family relationships, but there were other characters that were less important to the story that I thought were just annoying and in didn’t help move the story along. It was light, and easy and my son was impressed I read it in 5 days, as most one week library book I end up paying late fees for..ha ha! I can read fast, I don’t always make time for it, as this thing called a computer gets in my way. I rated this book a 3 out of 5 stars.
I was first attracted to this book because of the cover…………yummmm.
I was happily surprised it had more depth than just a sweet treat. This second novel my Katherine Center(need to read her first), was very well done and hit home to many of us that have become wrapped up in being a mommy and forgetting who the woman is. It’s the story of a woman, Lanie, who is moved across the country to follow her husband’s dream and she manages to find herself. She does this in bits and pieces and yet in the end she is much stronger, and you really like her! I rated this book a 4 out of 5 stars, it made me feel good.

Any good reads lately? I’m starting Ted Kennedy’s autobiography True Compass, and I need something fun and light to read after……….so keep me informed!

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  1. Terra

    after Ted I thinkyou will like the book review hitting tales tomorrow (Tuesday) – but you know I LOVED the book I posted about today and think you would too!

    I am going to check out Katherine Center…might be adding to my list!

  2. Pam

    You have me intrigued with the Ames book. After you wrote about it last week, I put it on my holds list at the library. I’m really looking forward to getting it. I haven’t read anything by Katherine Center, but the one you reviewed here sounds very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything light and fun to pass on to you for after True Compass. Lately, I’ve been reading lots of serious books. I could use a little ligtening up myself, I think!

  3. My name is PJ.

    You made me chuckle when you wrote that Delinsky’s book had other characters that were annoying and didn’t help the story move along. My life is sometimes peppered with those characters. 😉

    I just read Kathy Griffin’s memoir, “Official Book Club Selection” and it was a fun, fast and enlightening read. It has one of the funniest Reading Group Guides I’ve ever read. Of course, you have to like Kathy Griffin…and I do, in case you were wondering what type of heterosexual following she has. 😉

    Mitch Albom has a new one on faith that I will begin sometime this week.

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