Fall…………? and other ramblings

October 8, 2009 Uncategorized 7

Does your mind just go off…….in tangents………….sometimes scary ones?

It’s nearly mid October, and I want some signs of the fall in my FL temps, its’ still in the low 90’s these days, hot and humid, and dang it, my A/C could use a break(and my electric bill too).

Crazy week of school and sports, tomorrow and Monday the girls have mid-terms. They are on a block schedule, 4 classes for 18 weeks = an entire year…4 more classes next semester…..you get the picture. I swear life was easier when I was in HS, or maybe I’m just living in Oz……..could be.

Our health insurance continues to plague me. Kevin has Diabetes Education at our local hospital coming up…….and naturally you would think it would be a good thing for your insurance to cover as preventative health care…………ahem………..well let’s see. We have $1000 deductible for things like hospitalization and anything beyond labs, and actual dr visits or medicine co-pays…………so guess what, no covered……..well it does go towards that deductible that we’ve never even used in 5 years since my uterine ablation………no wait………then it was different insurance and better coverage and we didn’t pay beyond 20%…………makes me want to puke!!!!

Recently I’ve just been feeling an insane amount of annoyance at people who are impatient and rude. I was nearly run over in the parking lot at a grocery store yesterday. Several times a week a driver will be right on my bumper when I am driving the speed limit on the road leading up to our development. Some people are verbally rude and inappropriate with the staff at the grocery lately, I mean come on folks, give yourself the time you need to run errands and get from point A to B and stop riding up my butt!!!

How will that pomegranate taste that Nick begged me to buy?

Should the kids get flu and or h1n1 shots?

Why does it cost so much to do……………..everything!!!!?

In the whole David Letterman scandal, have we lost sight that he was being blackmailed? If he is sexually harassing his staff it’s illegal, if they are willingly having sex with him it’s disturbing but not our business. I’m kind of over it.

Remember that friend thing……………well I’m not a very good one, because I pissed off a friend not once but twice in less than 10 days. I was flippant and perhaps a bit jealous because she is going on two fall trips. I accused of of not knowing how good life is………of course she knows this, her life has been hell this past year. Then when she didn’t give me the hugs and support I needed I told her she was under providing me……….and while I didn’t really mean to be hurtful, I’m guessing I was less than kind. I’m feeling shitty about the whole thing………..sorry so blunt. If you are reading this J————-I love you, can’t remember how many times in the last 11 + years you saved me and helped me. Okay bloggy friends, I’m not fool, I know I have to say this to her too :).

Ok…………enough ramblings………….

Good news, I’ve walked 3 out of the past 4 days, and starting to feel good about it. K’s blood sugar levels are coming down………nicely, and we are eating better and not starving.

7 Responses to “Fall…………? and other ramblings”

  1. Mnmom

    One word comes to mind: STRESS!
    You’re under a lot of it. A family member being diagnosed with a life-long, life-changing condition is major stress.

    And insurance companies are just evil incarnate. STRESS again.

    Your friend will forgive you.

  2. Tammy Howard

    Do I ever go on scary tangents? Oh, girl, PLEASE!!!

    Dealing with insurance companies is a major stresser. Major.

    You are a good friend. You know this. She does, too. Priorities just get confused sometimes. You’ll apologize – she’ll accept – that hug will come – you’ll breathe…

    Proud of you and Kevin for the healthier lifestyle changes!

  3. My name is PJ.

    This was an EXCELLENT post! Fun to read because it was so relate-able and better than any meme because it was real life.

    I learned my new favorite term too: under providing. It’s excellent and would only upset someone if it hit a nerve because it was true. A good friend would understand that you need some active support when you’re this stressed.

    You are a woman, wife, mom – and worrier because of it. Walking will help relieve stress. Reading, meditation for even 10 minutes a day, prayer…oh yeah, sex too. Give some ‘down’ time to Anita.

    Yay for you and Kevin and lifestyle changes!

  4. Terra

    the mind is a scary thing in general. And yes it gets so full sometimes that it just spills over and a whole lot of random comes flowing out. In this case – Insurance is a must but it stinks when it doesn’t cover what we want it to, your friend will still be your friend if she is truly a friend because we all the right to be human and not always perfect, yahoo on the walking and eating and feeling good about it – keep it up it can only get easier oh and on the weather…we are anxiously awaiting snow so….come visit!

  5. Denise K.

    Oh it sure sounds like you have had a lot going on Anita!!!! I need to catch up…I am sending lots of love your way…off to read more!

  6. Miss Healthypants

    You seem like you have a lot going on right now!

    And everyone is a bad friend now and then…it’s important to forgive yourself.

    Also, enjoy those 90-degree temps! It was only a high of 45 degrees here today, with a wind blowing off the lake…brrrr!!!!

    Take care, and I hope life slows down for you and seems happier soon. 🙂

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