Odd things a boy does

October 14, 2009 Uncategorized 18

Another snippet of a conversation in our house—-

Nick: You know those little clothes pin magnets we have the on the fridge, the ones we decorated at vacation Bible School a few years ago?

Kevin: yes, I know them.

Nick: Well I put one on my chest, you know, like on my nipple.

Kevin: why???

Nick: Well we were doing something like that at Reuben’s house and seeing who could keep it on the longest

Kevin: OK………….why did you do it here?

Nick: to show Caitie, and when I took it off my nipple looked all weird.

Kevin: Nick, you are weird.

I have NO idea who came up with this idea, but I almost wet my pants when Kevin was telling me about it. Poor Nick, he’ll never stand a chance when he finds a girl to marry………….we have such great stories for her!!!!!

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  1. criticalcrass

    my thirty-three year-old brother would do something like this now and would most likely teach his son to do it at the earliest opportunity.

  2. Lora

    lol! that’s hilarious!
    i used to teach middle school and i actually still work with middle school students at church. they’re all a little crazy, but i love them! (and i’m a little crazy too, so it’s a good match πŸ™‚

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