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Because I have a rotten cold I’m just going to ramble a bit and create a post!
1. I have a cold
2. My daughter Adrienne does not have a tear in her shoulder, it’s only tendinitis and she just needs to rest it. She is sill anxious to recover, but she can do it!
3. Our A/C was giving us some problem and it was just 4 months out of warranty, so I wrote the Mfg, and they are replacing the coil free of charge, we only have to pay labor charges, and that saves me a ton of money…..yay yay yay!
4. My husband is doing well watching his food and sugar and he’s losing weight!
5. HS soccer has begun and we’ve got a game tonight. The team is looking pretty good……….and we can have a decent season.

Tomorrow I have to post @ 2 contests that fellow bloggers are running this week……….I’m so bad……….I need to get on that right away!!

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  1. Hammer

    New to blogging!! Went over your blog alittle, sounds like your kids are your world too. I three as well. Two boys and a princess!! I can relate to alot!!!

  2. My name is PJ.

    She lives! She breathes! And yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, she blogs too!

    It’s a party for me when I check you blog and there are new words for me to read! A bigger party still when your rambles are so up beat! Yay!

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