Holiday groceries and cooking

November 24, 2009 holidays 7

Yesterday I braved the crowds at my grocery store to buy food for the Feast that is Thanksgiving day. Let it be known, my family loves to eat, but we’re battling to do better at eating good foods. It’s more difficult at holidays, a time of celebration and indulgences of many kinds. Kevin, my husband, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in October, but I’m happy to report he is losing weight and feeling good! So our feast is being tempered slightly.
The grocery store was oh so busy, not just with shoppers but with vendors stocking displays,and people handing out food samples as well. There were also good deals everywhere on baking supplies and treats, Buy One get One Free is a typical motto of this store, so I did come home with some extras, but you need butter if you’re going to bake any right?
All this so my holiday dinner table can look something like this:

It will be a good day, and a yummy one too. The turkey is thawing in the freezer, no free range special for us, just a good ol’ Butterball!
I’ve got to brave the store early tomorrow for some fresh veggies and a few ingredients I forgot, but I’ll be ok.
Have you done your grocery shopping yet? Do you cook the traditional meal? Do you eat out? Tell me your traditions!

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  1. sheila

    We take an hour drive to Wooster to eat at my mom and dads. Which sucks on the way home when we’re full of triptophane. Or however the hell you spell that, lol.

    I’m in charge of pumpkin pie this year. I’m all ready, lol. (big list on that one!)

  2. Terra

    I just got home from teh store, picking up my freshies. It was busy and I hate it…but I have all that I need now I just wish I had a magic wand

  3. My name is PJ.

    We host the entire clan; Chef Stu does all the cooking. I watch the earliest parts of the Macy’s Parade and make a beautiful table scape. My sister and sisters-in-law clean up.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Anita!!

  4. Pam

    Love the new fall look of your blog! Looks great!

    I am a traditionalist at heart. Our meal looks suspiciously similar to the one I ate as a girl. We have a Butterball, too. Just like Mom always bought. And I always make her stuffing. She brings the broccoli and rice casserole and the stuffed celery. Then there’s mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce (fresh and canned) and gravy and anything over and above that is OK with me.

    As for shopping, I thought I had it all done. Then tonight I realized I’m out of carrots and I need them to make Turkey soup with the bones. Ugh! I’ll be braving the grocery store tomorrow, too. Yuck!

  5. Tammy Howard

    Mom does all the cooking and we eat at my sisters house. On one hand it’s nice to just show up, but on the other the preparations are a big part of the fun…

  6. Sandy

    Since they moved back from AZ Pam and Geoff host T-Day for which I am thankful! I try to add something like dessert or a dish but it’s not nearly as difficult as preparing the whole meal.

    When I have done it in the past, and I did for many, many years, it was pretty traditional. This year I am making Indian Pudding to bring to Pam’s. I haven’t made that in years and I hope the family enjoys it.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you. Love the new look, BTW!!

  7. Mnmom

    My siblings and I have all turned into foodies who love to cook. So today I’ve been very busy with my contributions. My brother always deep fries a rubbed spiced turkey. This year sister took over the cranberries and found a recipe using lots of ginger and curry. I made a red velvet cake and honey roasted sweet potatoes. I’m also in charge of the fresh veggies and dips.


    PS – I loved being greeted by Michael Buble on your site!

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