Many Small Thanksgivings

November 25, 2009 Uncategorized 8

I first have to admit that this post idea and title came directly from my friend Carla@ Miss Healthypants. I read her post yesterday and thought it was a great idea, and so here is my version of the small thanksgivings I have. In this time of being thankful for all the people in our life, I’m remembering the small things that people do to help me out and make me smile.

When I go to our grocery store, which is the local version of a very large chain, I’m always greeted by the same smiling, helpful faces. Usha is one of those persons, she is a 50 something woman from India, who a few years ago became a US citizen and she always asks about my family. She has recently been moved from bagger to cashier, and it’s not been easy for her, but she always has a smile.

I’m grateful for the ladies at the dry cleaner who know my name and start pulling our clothes when I pull up, and have my name in the computer ready for my order when I’m dropping off.

I’m grateful that I live in a smallish city, and that no matter what place we go to eat we nearly always see a classmate of my girls and that they say hello and treat us like family.

I’m grateful for the little old man that is a crossing guard on my way to drop Nick at school. He waves and smiles at everyone, but when he looks at me, I feel special and I want to wave back to him, and let him know I appreciate him.

I know there are other small random acts of kindness that happen to me every week that I’m forgetting. I know this because for the most part I have good experiences where I shop and eat and go out.

So today, smile, say hi, be considerate of all the people you see and meet. There are rays of sunshine and kindness all around us……….be we need to look up to see them.

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  1. Terra

    oh, we passed the crossing guard at one of middle schools every year for 3 years…He was there, rain or shine. He was very old and rode his bike to “work” and back. I had the opportunity to shake his hand entering the library one tell and tell him that I love seeing him everyday…

    He is not their this year, and while I try not to let my mind wander I miss him and I am thankful I got to shake his hand.

  2. Mnmom

    Wonderful idea!!! I may have to steal this idea and for my blog. Every single one of us makes a difference, don’t we?

  3. Sandy

    I think being remembered is the simplest but most pleasant way to be treated and I try to always do that when I can. Isn’t it a great feeling to go into a business and be recognized if for nothing more than a familiar face?

  4. Miss Healthypants

    Aww, I’m glad you liked the idea! *smiles*

    And what a lovely post this was–it is so important to remember–as you put it–these “rays of sunshine and kindness all around us.” *smiles*

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