Early Christmas Gift

December 14, 2009 Uncategorized 15

Welcome to little Isabella to our home!

“Bella” is a 15 week old teacup Yorkie.

About a week ago I had an epiphany, really, in Mass last Sunday I had this voice that said we need to let the kids get a puppy. So began a crazy search for breeders and shelters and asking every friend we knew about puppies.
Our requirements were few. We wanted a small dog, a puppy we can train, and one not from a puppy mill.

Literally, Bella fell into our lap. It’s like that when it’s meant to be, a friend of a friend got a litter-mate of her new pup, and she found she couldn’t meet the demands of her puppy. My friend Jody told me she could get me this puppy, and that was a no strings attached puppy, and no cost.

We completely shocked and thrilled our kids. Jody brought Isabella to the HS soccer game Thursday night and after the game Caitie was all excited, like let me hold her etc etc and then Jody told her “Merry Christmas”……….Caitie cried she was so happy!!! The other two were thrilled when we got home and surprised them too.

Bella is tiny and sweet, and for the most part she is learning all about being in our home. I fear she sleeps too much each day and will cry or bark at night but it hasn’t been awful yet. She uses little wee wee pads(literally that is the name) in the house and goes outside to potty too. She is young……….so we are ok with her current progress.

Many more new puppy stories to come I’m sure!!!

15 Responses to “Early Christmas Gift”

  1. Denise K.

    Oh my goodness!!! She is just adorable!!!! Have fun with your new baby! Can’t wait to catch up on your life Anita! Merry early Christmas to you and your sweet new family member!!!

  2. linda

    Yorkies are adorable and THEY DON’T SHED!

    Bella is one lucky baby this Christmas to be placed in a home with such love for her. She is precious!

    Teacup Yorkies are very expensive. Sounds like this was mean’t to be!

  3. Terra

    Oh I do hope Lauren doesn’t pop in while I read this. SHe wants a new pup so bad and we are staying dog free for a while! We lost our 2 beagles over the last 3 years….

  4. Anita

    Hello Anita. I’m another Anita. 🙂
    Congratulations on the arrival of your new pup!
    Have fun potty training. 🙂 You must blog about it.

  5. Sandy

    Welcome, Bella! She is absolutely adorable. I have several friends and family who have recently named their dogs Bella. Isn’t that funny!?

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